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Network Marketing Prospecting-How to Drive Hordes of Traffic To Your Blog, Part 2

If you are doing network marketing prospecting online
and one of the tools you use is blogging, I believe
you will find it highly useful what Gideon Shadwick
and his buddy Yaro has to say about how to drive
hordes of traffic to your mlm blog.

After all, everyone knows the more traffic you have,
the more mlm prospects and mlm opportunity seekers
you will find.

In part 2 of this seris, you will learn about how
to find the right keywords and how to use H2 tags.

So, let's get right to it!

Tip 2: Use Targeted Keywords In Your Titles And

This one is pretty straight forward...

Whenever you create a new post or page, always
make sure you add your targeted keywords inside
the headlines/titles.

And for even better results you can add your
keywords right at the front of the
headlines/titles of your blog posts.

This will help because Google and other search
engines give preference to keywords at the
beginning of your headlines/titles.

This is easy and simple to do, and it will help
you improve the chances of ranking for your
selected keywords by leaps and bounds.

Tip 3: Use H2 Tags

The H2 Tag is really just a fancy name for a type
of heading that you can use inside your blog posts
and pages.

It's like a sub-heading really, but Google and
other search engines gives it a similar "priority"
as your headlines/titles when looking at your blog

So, instead of just making sub headings bold in
your blog posts, consider turning them into proper
"H2" headings.

You can do this by selecting one of the paragraph
options inside your WordPress Admin area when
creating or editing a post.

Gideon and Yaro
Become A Blogger

So, stay tuned for more great information from Gideon and Yaro!

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