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Network Marketing Prospecting-I'm Just Curious, Are You Using Phrase #23?

In network marketing today, to be successful, there are at least two things which need to happen. They are to learn 3 basic skills and to make sure you are at least in a 5 pillars company.

The life changing 5 pillars company information by Michael Dlouhy, author of Success in 10 Steps, is an entire video series in and of itself. So, we won't be able to delve into it. The focus today will be on the 3 basic skills all in network marketing need to master in the opinion of world renowed MLM train, Tom Schreiter

This is highly important because without skills, reps can't be successful at all. The 3 skills are:

1. Learn how to talk to people.
2. Find people to talk to.
3. Take the volunteers.

Now, it makes sense that if a distributor master's skill number one, the other two will naturally fall into place. Tom teaches many ways to master skill number one, too numerous for this article. So, we will just focus on one: the magic sequence of words. These sequences of words are so powerful because they speak directly to a prospect's subconscious mind and cause people to lean forward and pay attention to what rep has to say.

They are many magic sequences of words such as:

-I just found out.
-I have some good news and bad news
-Most people
-Everybody knows
-Everybody says
-I'm just curios
-Well, you know how

I could go on and on.

In some of his mlm training workshop, Tom Schreiter will give an example of how to use an entire string of the magical sequences words in a brief business presentation. Here is such an example:

Thank you for coming today. Everybody knows the economy is in trouble. Everybody says we are not going to get raises this year. So most people like to have more money.

I'm just curious: how many people here would take an extra paycheck in your mailbox every month? And how many people here would believe the extra paycheck would make things a whole lot easier?

Well, you know how its hard to get by with 1 or 2 percent raises every year? But there's an old saying that two paychecks are better than on e.

Now, you can have a second paycheck but there is a catch. You are going to have to spend about 30 or 35 mintues every day learning a new set of skills for your business.

I just found out how you can do this while driving in your car and listening to these cd's.

There are two types of people in the world: those who come home and have a chance to spend time with their families and have a good time, and those who come home and try to start a conventional business.

Now, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is trying to start a conventional business will take time away from your family. The good news is with our business, you can do it in a few minutes every day once you get it up and going.

In this particular example, there are about 12 magical sequences of words phrases. Notice how they all flow smoothly together and can hold a mlm prospects attention. If you begin to learn, practice, and implement this, your mlm business will grow by leaps and bounds!

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