Friday, October 08, 2010

Network Marketing Today-Ignoring These Pillars Can Equal Frustration

There are many reps in network marketing who are struggling. In fact, most people know the statistics show that the failure rate in a multi-level marketing home-based business opportunity is around 97%.

Could part of the problem be that people who are looking for a mlm opportunity jump in with both feet without doing any careful analysis first? I believe so. After all, everybody knows that are many mlm scams out there. Everybody says that they can be avoided if a rep is educated first. This will help them make more informed decisions before joining an mlm opportunity.

I just found out there are specific foundational pillars business opportunity seekers should be reviewing before they join a work from home business opportunity. While there are really 8 foundational pillars, this article will cover three highly important ones.

1. Core values. This means what does the mlm company stand for? Do they create an atmosphere of equality, love, value and believe in helping others, freedom, integrity, etc.? Some potential partners may not think to look at this. However, evaluating core values of a mlm company is very important.

2. 100 year business plan. Does the business opportunity and Mlm Company have a written plan of their goals and where they are headed for the next 100 years? Are they visionaries? Are they streamlined? A non-streamlined mlm business has celebrity endorsements, a private jet, allegiance to share holders, own outside loans, have plush offices, high salaries, have executives with big ego’s, and don’t own their own technology. What does all of this spell? Trouble for you as a potential rep as the company clearly is about looking out for itself.

3. Partners First, Company Second. This simply means the company realizes that success comes as a result of distributors who move the products. It also means they listen to their reps in the field respectfully and value/appreciate their input. It means they reward their distributors and add even more value to the compensation plan when profits rise. This may sound strange, but there are mlm companies out there who do this.

Hopefully, this has opened your eyes to three very important areas distributors should consider before joining any network marketing home business opportunity. Doing so will save them years of failure and frustration!

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