Monday, August 30, 2010

Network Marketing Training Tips-Most People Would Love This

A Picture of a eBookImage via WikipediaToday's network marketing training tips you will greatly benefit from, especially if you do a lot of ad copy.

Most people who are marketers, including network marketers, are aware that they must have eye catching headlines for any type of marketing whether it be online or offline. Everybody says that if people don't even click on a headline, you are toast because the prospect won't ever get to the heart of your marketing message. This is why creating effective headlines for your home based business advertising campaigns is a  must.

Tom, Big Al, Schreiter has been sending me some fantastic headlines to test. They were so good I had to pass them on. So, take some notes, feel free to use and test them in your work at home advertising. Thenn, let me know how they worked for you.  I would love to hear!

Completely satisfied with your income? Then this isn't for

Contest!  Help me find the top 5 benefits of this program
and win great prizes!


Could The Air In Your House Be Toxic?  Learn How This Stay-
At-Home Mom Eliminated Indoor Air Pollution In Her House And
Earned A Bundle Showing Others How To Do The Same.

Could you use a bigger paycheck?

Create a downline that lives longer than Methusaleh.

Creating a Plan B

Credit bureaus don't want you to see this.

Curious as to how an average house painter quit his J.O.B.
and tripled his income ?

Dare to be independent and in control of your future! Dare
to look good and feel great!

Daycare for free? I'll show you how to stop paying the high
cost of daycare and make money too.

Did you know that I make my living on something you do for
free...every day?

Did you know that JOB really means the 'journey of the

Did you know that your credit card company is charging you
interest on your own money and hasn't told you that?

Did you put a stop payment on your reality check?

Did you think nobody knew?


Discover 5 world marketing secrets held by 58-year-old
horseshoer from Ferndale, Washington.

Discover how a corn flake-eating farmer makes more money
part-time than his government subsidized buddies do full-

Discover how my dog is making money while I'm on a cruise!

Discover how your immune system can be 248% SMARTER during
school vacation with a proven, safe, DRUG-FREE method. Call

Discover the alternative to working until you're dead!

Discover the best kept Secret to creating Real Wealth and
Health from Home.

Discover the six lessons a London man learned that doubled
his online business.

Distributed Income Specialist seeks assistant to work from
home, training provided!

Do you care about the health of yourself and your family,
about the environment, and about your family's future?


Do you get enough time off to do all the things you want to

Do you have a Plan B that will allow you to retire in 3 to 5

Do you have an open mind?

Do you have at least five sources of income?

Do you have life assurance?

Do you have limited quality time?  Can you find 5 others
with the same limited quality time and increase your time
exponentially, along with your income?

Do you have your home on the beach yet?

Do you keep your business options open? I mean, are you open
to making extra money?

Do you keep your career options open?

Do You Keep Your Income Options Open?

Do you keep your options open to either diversifying or
earning extra money each month?

Do You Know How to Avoid Financial Exhaustion?

Do you know how you can save $2 - 4K per year in taxes??

Do you know what Donald Trump said he would do, if he could
do it over again???

Do you know what YOU really want from your life?

Do you like standing in this rain / long line / heat / etc.
or would you rather be at home in your housecoat?

Do you like to barter? If I can save you money on your phone
bill and you become my customer for one year, I will give
you a free night at our B&B.

Do you now receive 5 checks from 5 DIFFERENT companies each
month? Would you like to?

Do you pay retail or wholesale for your nutritional

Do you qualify for the best program?

Do you really need your boss's permission to take a vacation?


Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Phone +1 (281) 280-9800
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289, USA

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