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Network Marketing Training Tip-Do You Know Your Company's Business Model?

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I  understand you are a struggling entrepreneur trying to build a multi-level marketing business successfully. You desire to create that royalty income. Yet, you are frustrated because in spite of all the training and doing everything the heavy hitter guru tells you to do, you still are experiencing failure.

The good news today is this isn't your fault! You see, the more you become an educated distributor and are able to carefully analyze compensation plans, companies, and company owners, the more you will come to realize that that business models drive the behaviors in the field. This is probably the most important network marketing training tip you can learn today.

You see, poor business models results in the 97% of reps failing in network marketing. When the cards are stacked against them right from the start, they just can’t compete in the market place. That is the bottom line. One could have loads of skills and motivation, but a crappy business model can ruin it all.

Here are some areas that represent poor company business models:

-Compensation plan breakage. If a company has products that are overpriced, this spells trouble. Partners are then having to explain why prices are sky high(which sets off salesman alarms), and then try to get people in on the deal so they can get the cheaper wholesale price. The behavior this drives is reps pushing for sign-ups instead of being able to retail and build a nice list of customers on autoship.

- Beautiful website business model. When a company's website (which distributors market) have gorgeous, fancy, buildings on it, brag about how great the company's president is and how wonderful the home based business opportunity is, blah, blah, blah, bad things happen. You see, out of every 100 people who visit the site, 89 could care less, 10 are interested in the products, and 1 is interested in the business opportunity. So, what is the solution? Focus on presenting the product line on the website since 90% of site visitors don't care about the opportunity. After all, you don't want to leave customers on the table!

These are just two examples of poor business models which can create lots of frustration and lack of success. The bottom line is this, according to Michael Dlouhy, author of the ebook,  "Success in 10 Step"s:

"The key is to understand the landscape so you can put yourself in the best position to be successful. You can have a realistic chance for mlm success if you understand what features you should look for in a mlm company."

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Monique Hawkins
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