Sunday, June 20, 2010

Build Your Network Marketing Business-Keep Your People or DIE!

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One of the skills that every rep in a network marketing business opportunity must learn is how to sucessfully build a team who has a nice steady flow of sponsoring and gathering of retail customers. The second most important skill a distributor must learn to do is keep their people or die!

"How" you may be saying?! It's true that in mlm or any work at home opportunity, sometimes things go kinda like a parade. People join. People quit. Some sign up and others never even get started. However, to see long term succuss, when you do find the coachable and qualified opportunity seekers who are ready to join, you as a coach or mentor must make sure you are doing a couple of things to keep that person.

1. Make sure you choose a home based business opportunity with products that make a real difference in the lives of your people. You see, network marketing is truly a relationship business and a testimonial business. In other words, for your team's word of mouth advertising to be effective and successful, they must have a strong testimonial for the products they enjoy and like.

2. Your work from home mlm opportunity must offer tremendous value to the end consumer which in turn will help you create a very attractive and profitable income. Remember too the value YOU offer always will include much more than your products as well.

3. Take time to get to know your team. Discover what motivates them and what they really want. Help them create their "why" which will keep them going through the ups and downs that will occur in any business. If you value them and they truly feel this, they will forever be part of your team. They will always view you as a special, trusted friend and confidante.

Remember, you are always looking for someone who is looking for you. If you keep this in mind and follow these steps, you will find your retention of your team will dramatically increase.

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