Sunday, May 09, 2010

Network Marketing Training Tip-Why Joining a Prelaunch can equal failure in mlm

Most reps know how sometimes it can be difficult to achieve their goals in a  multi-level marketing opportunity. They may not realize that if they join a pre-launch opportunity, they can be shooting themself in the foot and increase the liklihood of constantly having to start over. If you are a pre-launch junkie, here is why this could be pulling you down.

You see, it's very important to consider if the company you as a potential rep are looking to join has passed the "early failure" timeline. In other word, are the company's products timed with a massive trend for consumer demand? Here are areas that are problematic and ones that you must be aware of:

-A push to get in on the "ground floor opportunity"; a "get in now" or lose out

-Has the company been around for 2 years"? 99% don't last 2 years!

-Most distributors don't make money for the first 2 year period while all the bumps are ironed out. Are you willing to go that long with no pay?

-Has the company been around so long the momentum phase is long past?

-Does the company's products have good profit margins? You getting paid 5%, 8%, etc. of the wholesale cost isn't good!

Yes, there are many who stuggle in network marketing. And some of the problem very well could be because people do not pay attention to timing. I encourage you to do so. Your pocket book will be glad you did!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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