Sunday, April 25, 2010

Network Marketing Training-Mindset and Siberia

Everybody knows that in mlm, one must not only have the right skills but also right MINDSET to achieve success. Sometimes, this can be a challenge for us. However, the bottom line is-There are no excuses!

Ready to find out what mindset and Siberia have in common?  If so, read on!

Siberia - snow, mud, rain, ice and great entrepreneurs.

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook posts, you know I made my annual trip to Siberia again last week. It is an exceptional place filled with hardy, determined entrepreneurs. You have to be tough to live with long, dark, bitterly cold winters while isolated from the rest of the world.

These are some of the most positive networkers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the world. It is great to be in the presence of such a community. It rubs off on you.

Now, think of who you associate with. If you are like me, when I first started in network marketing, I had associated exclusively with co-workers who complained about their jobs every day. They hated coming to work. And my friends, they whined about the government, the economy, and the bad sports teams in the city.

So guess what I did? I complained every day also.

And I started slow in network marketing. I wasn't looking for solutions to my sponsoring problems. I was just blaming all the stupid, lazy prospects.

But after a year or so, my weekly association with positive network marketers paid off. I was with them at meetings, trainings, events . . . and I stopped blaming the stupid prospects and decided that maybe I was the cause. After all, I was at the scene of the crime at every unsuccessful presentation I made.

This was the beginning of the change for me. I learned to stop blaming and complaining, and to take personal responsibility for my results. That's the power of associating with self-directed, positive people.

So what about you?

Who are you associating with in your conversations and everyday living?

Are you still associating with negative people exclusively? Or do you get a daily or weekly dose of positive input from positive, self-directed people? 

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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA 



Bruce said...
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Bruce said...

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Bruce said...
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