Friday, April 02, 2010

Network Marketing Tip-You Gotta Have This Pillar!

Network marketing is a business that can help the average person create a lifestyle of freedom, financial independence, and wealth. However, many distributors struggle and can't seem to make it work. They feel much frustration. The problem is a lack of the right mlm information and failure to become a critical thinker.

If you are looking to join a network marketing company or simply want to research your current mlm opportunity, there are five specific areas, or pillars, that you should carefully consider. These pillars will help you avoid pyramid schemes and mlm scams that are out there. Following these 5 network marketing tips can save you years of failure and frustration.

This article will cover pillar #1, the most important of all the pillars. If this is not in place, the others won't matter much anyway!

Pillar #1 is company management experience with integrity. In other words, does the company management have the personal experience building a downline? If so, have they done so with honesty and integrity? All this means is if they know what the heck they are doing!

Here are a couple of areas for you to take a close look at:

-Policies and procedures. Understand them and make sure they are fair! This is a legally binding contract so don't put your John Hancock on any line unless you clearly understand what you are getting in to! For instance, phrases such as "termination with or without cause" is a red flag.

-Is there a charge for each paycheck the company sends you?

-Does the business company's contract have lots of  "on-going" phrases?

-Is it a "cash only" business?  Red flag!

-Can you buy top positions? Red flag!

-Are special deals offered? If so, there is an uneven playing field!

-Is the mlm opportunity publicaly traded? If so, be aware that all financial decisions will be made in favor of the company's stockholder's and not the reps!

As you can see, there are many areas to look at before you join a company. If you are someone who desires to retire some day with a rock star income, please become a critical thinker. Always carefully evaluate your mlm company. It very well can save you years of failure and frustration.

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