Sunday, March 28, 2010

MLM Information-No Luck in MLM?

Today, there are many people in work from home business opportunities. One particular home business which seems to teem with frustrated distributors is network marketing. There are many reasons why reps may be struggling. These include a lack of skills, a lack of a duplicatable training system, poor company management, policies and procedures with a lot of "gotcha's", etc.

There is another area that distributors miss which is unfortunate because overlooking it can keep them garage qualified and cut into their earning and profits. This has to do with products.

No question, all legitimate mlm companies have remarkable products. The question to ask is, are the products priced so high nobody can afford them?

You see, there are 9 main manufacturing most mlm companies send their nutrition product formulas to to be manufactured. I think most reps would be correct in believing that since this is the case, the product price should be within pennies of each other. Then, if the quality and quantity are the same as well, why the big difference in prices?

Here is what usually happens. Because the the retail price is high, it is easier to sell at wholesale prices. This drives a whole lotta recruiting and getting prospects to sign up with the deal because after all, the wholesale price is much cheaper.

But the question remains, why so high to begin with which necessitates the recruiting hunt. Well, many times, companies are publicly traded which comes with a whole lot of expenses, including making sure the shareholders are satisfied and paid. In addition, some companies have huge overheads such a jets, bid multi-million dollar buildings, and other similar things.

No matter the case, it is clear these expenses will drive up product prices as the companies need the money for all these fancy extras. The bottom line for you as a rep is if the product is to high, you won't be able to build successfully since no one will buy the product.

So, if you are struggling in mlm and understanding why you can't make your home business work, your lack of success is not your fault. It could be the cards are stacked against you. Learn all you can, get educated, so that you can choose a company where you can achieve success.

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