Tuesday, February 02, 2010

MLM Business Leads-What Are The Top Qualities of A MLM Business Lead?

If you are a professional network marketer, I am sure you have thought about what qualities a mlm business lead should have. If you have not done this, you very well could be wasting a lot of time talking to people who really are not qualified to be your mlm business partner.

In today's post, we will take a careful look at the important qualities a mlm business lead should have to help you determine if you desire them to be on your team.

Take notes and happy prospecting!

Qualities in a Good MLM Business Lead
By Todd Bobal

The serious network marketer is always in search of a good MLM business lead. Anyone who has been in the profession for long realizes the difference one strong distributor can make in a downline. Unfortunately, most do not know what makes a good prospect.

In fact, one reason so many new distributors fail is they are told to make presentations to some of the worst MLM business leads - their friends and family. This nearly always leads to rejection after rejection. Soon the excited new business owner is dejected and looking to quit.

If the distributor somehow makes it through that initial disappointment, many sponsors make matters worse by advising them to talk to anyone and everyone. This is often taught as the dreaded "three-foot rule," which encourages network marketers to talk to everyone that comes within three feet of them. The problem, of course, is that not everyone within three feet is a qualified MLM business lead. Ultimately this leads to more rejection and more dejection.

Often the upline will commit the third strike of bad sponsorship by then encouraging the new distributor to buy leads. You'll almost never find a solid MLM business lead on such lists. Many such programs are scams that only make money for someone higher in an organization. Anyone encouraging the purchase of leads should be asked if they're making any money off the program. Anyone with a successful network marketing business shouldn't need to be in the lead-selling business.

All this is to say that the retention rate in a downline will go up if distributors are trained how to easily recognize a good MLM business lead when they find one. The network marketer's success rate will go even higher once they learn what to do once they have identified a good prospect. These sponsoring skills will greatly increase the chance of success. While there are no absolute rules for identifying the best leads, there are characteristics that some better than others.

One trait to look for is motivation. If a prospect has a strong reason why they must succeed with a home-based business, they are less likely to quit when disappointment comes. An MLM business lead with an intense desire to accomplish great things and a powerful work ethic will weather the storm and reach his or her goals.

Another desirable characteristic is a coachable attitude. Someone that demonstrates the ability to follow a system and the flexibility to change course when something isn't working will likely be a good MLM business lead.

People who dream big dreams make some of the best MLM business leads. Show them a simple, achievable way to get what they want in life. Let them see that they can do what's necessary and that you can help them.

If you really want an MLM business lead that has the greatest promise, find people who are experienced in network marketing, but have not yet found the system that will make them successful. Mentor them.

Ultimately, the way to reach your goals is by focusing on helping the others in your group reach their dreams.

Understanding that a good quality MLM Business Lead is only part of what you need to be successful in this industry.

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Todd Bobal


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castinoronaldo said...

The most important qualities of an successful MLM business lead are as follows...
1.) Motivating leadership quality.
2.) Decision making ability.
3.) Capability to think unique.
4.) Truthful and Honesty towards work.
5.) Optimistic attitude.
6.) Concern and good personal relation with the down-line members.
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