Monday, January 18, 2010

MLM Business Lead|Take It Easy With MLM Business Leads

I have some great advice for you networkers out there who have talked to a mlm business lead today or plan on talking to more mlm business leads later on: take it easy. These are not my words, but Tom, Big Al, Schreiter.

Tom believes we only have one obligation when talking to a mlm business lead. Here is what he has to say straight from his most recent "Big Al Report":

Take it easy.

We are not responsible for other people's personal decisions. We are not responsible for the spouse they choose, the job they choose, etc.

Do you want to present your network marketing business opportunity in a relaxed, stress-free, and rejection-free environment?

Try delivering your business presentation from this point of view.

Your obligation is to:

"Let the prospect know about your network marketing business opportunity."

That's it.

* You are not obligated to make up the prospect's mind.
* You are not obligated to force or close the prospect.
* You are not obligated to determine what's best for your prospect.
All you are obligated to do is to let the prospect know the facts. Then, it is up to the prospect to make a decision to join or not to join. Your prospect will know what is best for him.

Many times a prospect will hear about your network marketing business and it will not be a good time in his life to join. For instance, he could be getting married shortly. Maybe there is a problem at work or a family crisis.

We need to present our network marketing business in a professional manner, and treat the prospect like an adult. We should allow him to make a decision based upon his personal circumstances. So when the time is right for the prospect, he will think of you and your opportunity favorably.

Remember, don't take your prospect's decision personally.

We aren't responsible for making the decision about what is best in his life. We're only responsible for giving the prospect the opportunity to join our network marketing business.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

I love Big Al's advice. He is so awesome and savvy! I highly recommend you attend one of his workshops if he ever comes to your area.

So, for here on out take it easy when you are talking to a mlm business lead. Don't stress yourself out. If you relax, you will really begin to enjoy your business!


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