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MLM Business Lead|MLM Business Leads-Where to Find a Leads List That Works

Today's post about mlm business leads comes from one of my mentor's, Tom, Big Al, Schreiter. I love Big Al and his training because the skills he teaches are so simple any of us can learn and use them!

We all know that as networkers, we must talk to a mlm business lead everyday; preferably more than one! Today, Big Al will offer some training on where to find a mlm business leads list that works. His answer may surprise you!

Take action based on what Big Al Says!

Where to find a leads list that works.

This is from one of the posts at the Discussion Forum for professional network marketers. Thought you would enjoy this part of the thread.

Two people get the same lead list.

One person thinks he was ripped off. No one joins.

The other person thinks the list is the greatest list of leads in the history of mankind, and signs up a lot of new distributors.

Same list, two different results.


Because the first person had talked to his warm market of relatives and friends, and they all hated how he presented his opportunity. They hated what he said and did.

So when the first person rented a list of leads, they hated what he said and did also. If his relatives and friends hated what he said and did, strangers are going to hate it even more.

The second person learned what to say and do, so when he talked to his relatives and friends, they joined. They loved what he said and did.

So when he rented the exact same list, guess what? Other people also loved what he said and did.

Sure, there may be some lists that are better than others, but all lists have people. If what you say and do turns off your closest friends and relatives, it will definitely turn off strangers.

So the main issue is not finding a leads list that works. Instead, concentrate on what you are going to say to that "live" person on the other end of the phone.

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