Sunday, January 03, 2010

MLM Business Lead|FInd MLM Business Leads with Linked In

Did you know that you can use the power of the social networking site, Linked-In, to funnel as many mlm business lead to your site as you like? It's true but it only works if you go about it in the right way. Let's see how this should go.

How to Utilize LinkedIn to Get Over 40 MLM Leads per Day by Randy Myers

Network marketing cannot be successful without giving serious attention to the networking component. For that reason, the Internet and social networking outlets are absolutely essential for enhancing your networking potential.

The Power of LinkedIn

Few of the many social networks currently available have the professional focus and strategic connection as LinkedIn LinkedIn pulls together millions of professionals all around the globe. Using the principle of levels of social connection, you can network and interact with the individuals in your direct connections. Thus, the connections that you make on LinkedIn are also connecting you to their contacts and beyond. The power of networking is enhanced exponentially.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for MLM - but only if you know how to use it. Once you have the knowledge in hand, you can quickly generate 40 leads each day on LinkedIn!

The LinkedIn Strategy

Larry Beacham is called the King of LinkedIn. He even wrote a book on it: The LinkedIn Lead Generation Blueprint. Instant success in the MLM business did not come to Larry Beacham. In fact, he was initially a failure. For years, he couldn't figure out how to ramp up business and make a comfortable living using network marketing. Workable strategies seemed out of reach and he was not successful. Even though he actually quit at one point, he eventually went back, and that's when the revolution began!

Beacham had the realization that he wasn't supposed to be marketing his business. He was supposed to be networking. And as they say, the rest is history.

Steps to Capitalizing on LinkedIn

A highly recommended resource for people who want more MLM leads, Beacham's webinar fully explains his techniques. Larry Beacham and David Woods worked together to extrapolate these key points from the webinar. These points, restated below, explain how to view LinkedIn, and how to really maximize its power. The network truly can become a lead-generating machine.

1. LinkedIn is about relationships; not spamming. The professional nature of LinkedIn is unmistakable. The network is monitored by real regulations and careful review. It's considered off limits to haphazardly add connections, invite people you don't know or to reach to far to fast. Making these mistakes will get you the official LinkedIn kibosh - being banned from the network. Real business happens on LinkedIn, not just marketing frenzy.

2. LinkedIn is an entrepreneurial hangout. LinkedIn users really are the best of the best - entrepreneurs who are often a misunderstood class of geniuses. Blessed with generous minds and incomes, these people are excellent connectors, and they make the business world go round and round.

About the Author
Understanding and employing these key components is just the start. Watch the free LinkedIn Training video to get the full story and begin getting 40 MLM leads per day on LinkedIn.

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Monique Hawkins
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