Thursday, November 26, 2009

MLM Business Leads-How to Get Your E-mail Marketing Letter Read

For those of you networkers who are creating a mlm business leads list and use resources such as a free report, newsletter, give away free ebooks, etc. to collect names and emails, one of the things you must learn how to do is to train your people to open your emails. This isn't always an easy task, but it can be done!

More and more people are using e-mail marketing in their mlm business as a way to instantly contact hundreds if not thousands of prospects. However, few people fail to realize that there is a lot more to e-mail marketing than that.

E-mail marketing is no different than any other type of marketing, the same type rules apply. It is important to understand that e-mail marketing is just a tool and like any tool you must learn how to use it. Your goal should not be to make the sale, but to get the prospect to request additional information. You have to want your mlm prospects to learn much more.

Most e-mail marketing is doomed from the start, in that over 90% of e-mails sent will never be read. Why is that?

1. Poor subject line - screw this up and the rest of your message is irrelevant.

Your subject line announces your e-mail and tells the reader if the message is important to them or not. Your subject line should do one thing and one only - get your reader to open the message and read the first sentence. Simply stating "You can make $20,000 in the next 30 days" just won’t cut it. In fact, a line like this will increase the chance that it will be considered spam. The more hyped your subject is, the less chance of getting a response. How do you attract the reader's attention without hype? There's no magic formula, but personalizing the subject line with your prospects name almost guarantees a second look. But name alone won’t get you great results; you still need to craft the rest of your subject line without the hype.

2. Don't confuse the prospect in the first paragraph

Now that the prospect has opened up your message, another 90% or more of your prospects will not make it past the first sentence. Your goal is to get them to read the first sentence, which leads to the second and so on. Don't state in the first sentence why you sent the e-mail message, how to opt-out, apologize for your message and for sure don't state that this message is not spam! Every sentence should contribute toward moving your prospect towards your objective what ever that objective is. If your subject gets the prospects' attention, the first paragraph should lead them into the rest of you message. You should always keep one thing in mind; your prospect only cares about one thing - what is in it for them.

Provide your prospects with something of value and they will take you up on your offer. What do you have that can help them in making a decision? What can you give away that will be an asset to them? If you become a resource to your prospects you will see the quality and quantity of responses change for the better.

If you follow these tips, you will find that your mlm business leads list will continue to grow and you will begin to make sales and find business partners.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MLM Business Leads-Why getting appointments for presentations is hard

As a professional network marketer, I am sure you have noticed that it is not always easy to get presentations with our mlm business leads. There is a reason for this according to mlm marketing expert, Tom, Big Al, Schreiter:

Why getting appointments for presentations is so hard.

In 1959, there were no:

* cell phones
* text messages
* cable television channels
* email addresses
* Facebook pages
* after-school activities.

So if you asked someone,

"Can I give you a 30-minute presentation about my new business opportunity?"

They would reply:

"Woo-hoo! Entertainment!"

Because there wasn't anything to do in 1959.

But what year is it now?

In 2015, prospects have:

* cell phones
* text messages
* cable television channels
* email addresses
* Facebook pages
* and hundreds of after-school activities.

Yes, prospects are very busy in 2015.

And if you are still trying to give 30-minute presentations now, you are trying to do business in 2015 with ancient 1959 dinosaur techniques. And you will end up extinct, just like the dinosaurs.

You are swimming uphill.

What can you do?

For today's world, you want to learn how to give a complete and total presentation in one minute. During that minute you will answer the prospect's three trigger questions, explain your product line, and explain your compensation plan.

Then, at the end of your one-minute presentation, the prospect can make an immediate decision. You save time. The prospect saves time.

But what's more important is that, even if your presentation is only one minute, what is your prospect thinking at the end of one minute?

"I can do this!"

The biggest reason prospects don't join is because they can't see themselves doing our business. The one-minute presentation solves that roadblock.

Give it a try. You'll never go back.

And if you don't know how to give a one-minute presentation, you can learn.

Simply take the no-cost, seven-lesson mini-course now. It's easy and only takes a few minutes per lesson.

Get your first lesson now at:
Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Network Marketing Information - How to Get 100 Yes's Instead of No's

As a leader in your MLM opportunity, I think you will agree with this: cold calling stinks! For yourself and others in MLM, this isn't new network marketing information. We all know there has to be a better solution to prospecting.

The good news is, there is better way. The secret is learning the personality colors. This training is not difficult to learn and once you do, not only can you use this training in all your presentations, but the skills can also be taught to your distributors in your downline. Plus, you will find the days of 100 no 's will be left behind.

So, you may be wondering what the colors has to do with your success level and how can your understanding of the colors allow you a significant increase in your sign up rate?

Well, as a leader, you use the colors training to help you have success when communicating with your MLM business leads. Most people think it is all about having a great ability to close the deal, to make the prospect rush to yank out their wallet and buy now. This sounds wonderful, but really misses a key component to long term success in MLM.

To have a successful home business, you must know what the key is to long term success. It really starts with an understanding the type of business you are promoting. Many reps believe it's all bout having the best product or service. Some others think it's about having a awesome website or a 20 page full brochure that reveals why the work from home opportunity stomps the competition.

In reality, nothing is further from the truth. It is not about what you are "selling", but is something so simple most people will completely overlook it. In fact, once you see and understand the simple and timeless principles, you will be amazed at how you will be able to go from having to hear 100 no's every day to dealing with a huge number of yes's. Your organization will love this!

If you are ready to get MLM prospects enjoy your calling them, learn the colors which are yellow, blue, green, and red. Learn what the yellow's, who make up 35% of the population, like to do in their spare time. Discover why the blues, who make up 15% of the population, like to have so much fun! Understand why the green's, who make up 35% of the population, like to research things to death and why the red's, 15% of the population, like to hear how to make a ton of money.

The bottom line, when you learn how to talk with prospects,you will be amazed at how your sponsoring ratios will increase and how much easier it will be to build your relationships with others.

 This is network marketing information that will take your business to the next level. Learn it and begin to use the colors technique today!