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Free Network Marketing Information-Keyword Research Tips

As someone who is looking to build their business on the internet, the first crucial step is always to figure out what people are looking for. This is done with proper keyword research.

Today's free network marketing information tips is on how to choose the right keywords for website success.

So, you have a new terrific looking Website. You've gone to great lengths to make sure it is Search Engine Friendly, you have great content and you are sure that you are what the Search Engines have been waiting for! Your big launch date comes and goes, and nothing. But it takes time to show up on the generic Search Engine results, you might say. So you try an aggressive marketing campaign, and still, your sales are almost non-existent.

What is happening? Your keywords are the fundamental building blocks of your online success. Because the competition is so great, choosing general or broad keywords is almost a guarantee that either you will not show up on the Search Engine results, or if you do, your target audience will not be looking for what you have to offer. Your keywords need to be as specific as possible to get you the results you are looking for. In other words, shoppers ready to buy your product or services are your target and the ones who will immediately find you. Not only that, but the greater the specificity of your keyword, the less competition you will face.

Choosing the right keywords when your Website is new can be tricky as well as time consuming. There are a few ways to go about it:

1. You might not think objectively. Ask your clients, family members, or friends what they would look for if searching for your product. You might be surprised at what insights they can give you.

2. Get personal with your keywords. Take the obvious general keywords that come to mind, for this example we will use "toys", and try narrowing it down. Try "toy trucks" or "infant toys" or "water toys". Now go even deeper in your category and try "infant rattle toys" or "baby teething toys". You see how you are now targeting exactly what someone might be searching for?

3. Do a manual search for the keywords you choose, and see who your competition is. Is that your target? Also look on the upper right hand corner of your search results. Typically, Search Engines will display the number of found results. The more specific the keyword, the less results displayed, the better your chances of obtaining results for that keyword.

So now you have all these great keywords, what do you do with them? Knowing what your keywords are is not enough, you need to keep a few critical points in mind:

1. Continually evaluate your keywords, keeping in mind that trends come and go, and what is "HOT" today may not be what people are looking for tomorrow.

2. Keep track of where your visitors found you. If you are doing a paid campaign, this is easy to do, but if you are looking at generic results, you can use a tracking software to show you what your best resulting keyword searches are. Google Analytics is an example of a free service, and one of the best to track your traffic, visitors' keywords and behavior.

3. Your visitors should never have to find what they are looking for on your Website. This applies mainly to your PPC programs. Point them directly to where they need to be. Whether it is the page where they can purchase your product, fill out a form or subscribe to a service, land them directly to that page. If you simply send them to your home page, you will lose that visitor because they did not immediately find what they were looking for.

4. Lastly, optimize your pages to your keywords. Take time to carefully write your meta-tags. Properly written Titles can make the difference if your generic result is clicked on or not. Edit the individual pages to have a keyword rich description. This does not mean stuff your keywords anywhere you can find space for them. Read it over, and make sure it makes sense to you. Keep in mind that you not only want to score a lot of points with the Search Engines so that they deem you content "valuable" to their users, you also want to make your visitors keep coming back to your Website .

All this may sound like a lot of work - and it is! But to put it bluntly, "what you put in to it, is what you get out of it". If you put the time and effort into your keywords, you will eventually be rewarded with the results you are seeking.

I hope you found this free network marketing information tip beneficial.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information Tip-How to Integerate Twitter On your WP Blog

If you are a entrepreneur who has been on the internet for any amount of time, I am sure you have heard of the social networking site Twitter and of the blogging platform, Wordpress. Today's free network marketing information tip will be on how to integrate Twitter on your wordpress blog.

As most know, Twitter is a micro blogging platform that has caught the attention of the main stream media. You share your thoughts, insights, knowledge, tips, and interesting article sources using 140 characters or less with your followers in Twitter.

It is not a marketing platform but you can effectively use it to establish your brand and promote your products and services indirectly.

If you are planning to spam your Twitter followers with your blog post URLs and affiliate links, you will not go anywhere. Your followers will un-follow you quickly. You will not get new followers.

Twitter is like any other social media site. If you share information and insights about your niche by filtering them from hundreds of blog posts published every day, you will provide value to your followers.

If you find valuable information in your niche, share them with your followers and their number will increase.

You can also use Twitter to post latest news, hot trends in your niche, links to funny pictures, humorous video links, and other interesting things.

You have to post almost every day, preferably couple of times a day, to keep the number of followers growing rapidly.

If you are using WordPress blog platform for your blog, there are few tools you can use to automate your Twitter activities. These tools will help you use Twitter for promoting your brand.

First, you need to integrate the Twitter feed into your blog and encourage your blog readers to tweet your blog posts in their accounts.

Use TweetThis WordPress plug-in to encourage your visitors to tweet your blog post. TweetThis adds a Twitter link in every blog post you create. If needed, this plug-in will also shorten your blog post URL to fit the 140-character limit.

WPTwitp-ID plug-in adds a Twitter field to your WordPress blog comment form. When users posts comments, they can enter their Twitter user ids and the plug-in will create links to follow them in Twitter. You will be providing a service to increase the number of Twitter followers of people who leave comments in your blog.

Another WordPress plug-in called Twitter Tools integrates your blog with Twitter by pulling all your tweets into the side bar of your blog. You can also post new tweets from inside your WordPress blog.

TweetMeme Button helps retweet your post through out the Tweeter network. It also shows a count of how many times your blog post has been retweeted.

Tweeter Updater tool will send a Twitter status update to your account when you publish a post in WordPress.

You can find the web sites for these WordPress plug-ins by doing a search in Google. If you're not using Twiteer as a brand building platform, you should sign up for a Twiteer account immediately.

Hope you found today's free network marketing information tip helpful!

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Free Network Marketing Information Tip-Monster presentation tip

I think you are going to love today's free network marketing information tip.

As we all know Tom, Big Al, Schreiter is a marketing genius. Today, we're gonna learn what we need to do to give a "monster presentation" tip.

Monster presentation tip.

Thirty-seven years ago I went to my first opportunity meeting.

All I can remember from that meeting are two testimonials given by distributors.

The first testimonial was by a nun. The second testimonial was by a distributor who told how his father never believed he would be successful.

I don't remember the compensation plan, the product features, the corporate history, the slide presentation, or even the faces of the main speakers.

All I remember are the two testimonials.

The lesson is:

Don't get too worried about the details in your presentation. Your prospect is only going to remember one or two things. So why not give your prospect memories of a powerful product or opportunity testimonial?
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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Isn't this a great tip? So, stop stressing!