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Blogger: The Ins and Outs

Blogging is all the rage nowadays. It is a fun and inexpensive way to make your voice heard on the Internet. Through blogging you can make your daily thoughts (intimate or not) publicly known – and with a greater audience. This makes the service great for diary keeping (if making a public diary is your cup of tea), marketing (blogging is a great way to perform marketing – more of that later), and information sharing and updating.

Why Blog?
Blogging is a way of life. It is probably one of the most enabling forces of technology to hit the Internet in the last few years. Curiously, it has allowed a greater involvement of people with technology and information. The great thing about blogging is that it is easy to learn and easy to get into – especially with a blogging service like Blogger.

Blogs are, in a technical sense, content management software that helps you effectively organize and catalog a chronological journal of information that is posted regularly. It is a lot more effective than static websites that, however well managed, cannot exude a sense of intimacy, and urgency as a blog. In some sense, a blog can be likened to a diary, which for many people, especially those in the online world, can be much more interesting than a regular newspaper.

Blogger Comes into the Picture
Blogger is a free service offered by Google. Pyra studios first developed it with a total workforce of about three people. It achieved great success during the dot com boom and subsequently had to manage a disappointing decline during the dot com bust.

After years of treading water, piece by piece Pyra studios was able to keep the members of the already formidable Blogger community happy. In time, Blogger boasted of a community of 100,000 members. In 2002, Google stepped in to the picture and purchased Blogger. Pyra continued to exist as an entity as a department within the Google family.

Why Blogger?
Why choose Blogger? There are hundreds of reasons. Here are a few that will at the same time, give us a better picture of Blogger as a blog service.

1. It is Free. You can sign up for Blogger for free. You can either sign up as a new user or you can use your Gmail account to sign up for Blogger. There are no start up fees, and no recurring fees. It is pretty much like the free Google service Gmail. The ads are minimal and do not present themselves as a hindrance to enjoying the service. Also, just because it is free doesn’t mean that it has fewer features – actually, it is quire the contrary.

2. Fully Featured. The great thing about Blogger is that it provides most of the features that even subscription blogging sites do not offer. The Blogger panel offers a very attractive interface with other attractive templates to choose from. You can avail of standard features like in most blogs. Post entries, insert pictures, modify your interface using HTML, insert useful utilities (like visitor counter, etc.), and generally enjoy a robust and complete blogging package.

3. Easy Indexing. The Blogger community is easily searchable. You can find blogs related to pretty much any hobby or interest you have. Your blog is also automatically submitted to this list and made available for searching. Also, the interface is easy to understand and modify. It also offers suggestions on other great blogs to visit. In effect, it does a little advertising on your behalf since it could very well recommend your blog to others browsing for blogs to subscribe to.

4. Business Advantages. The great thing about Blogger is that it is easy to insert Adsense ads and other advertisements on your page. You also get your own blogspot URL to make your site easily accessible by other people. Blogs are a great way to market any product or service. This is because it is an intimate, information filled journal that allows for easy commenting and feedback.

This intimate approach to marketing is wildly successful and has led many large companies to employ blogs in their business strategies. Readers of blogs love the fact that the entries are regular and informative. Also they love the fact that they are intimate and give the impression of a friend talking about something. Readers truly respond to this type of marketing.

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How to Use Gift certificates to "lock-in" prospects

Tom Schreiter is just a brilliant marketer! He always comes up with all kinds of neat ideas to help our mlm businesses grow.

Today's post comes from an article I receved from his "77 More Hot ProspectingIdeas" series.

Enjoy the tip!

Tip #61 of the "77 More Hot ProspectingIdeas" series.
Tip #61: Gift certificates to "lock-in" prospects.

Two great reasons to use gift certificates in yourbusiness:

1.Not only will prospects and customers use them forpersonal use, they can also give the certificates toothers. This expands your market beyond your personalcontacts. It's like having other people do theprospecting for you.

2.If your prospect has a gift certificate or discountcoupon, he certainly won't want to pay full price to acompetitor. You can expect a call from a hot, motivatedspender.
Some examples of gift certificates or coupons that you could create?

* $10 off your first long distance telephone bill.
* Free bottle of minerals when you buy one bottle of vitamins.
* Free dinner for two includes miracle diet samples and video.
* Lipstick and full facial for only $1.
* Free car wash while attending our 30-minute business briefing.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
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Paid and Free Ways to Generate Traffic to a Website

Today's free network marketing information tip will cover free and paid ways to drive traffic to your mlm website.

Paid and Free Ways to Generate Traffic to a Website

Traffic is the one of the essential elements of a successful online business. Together with good products or services and content, traffic to the site determines whether a good level of income can be generate. Potential customers come from the visitors who are brought to the site by the different advertising and other traffic methods used by the site owner.

These are what maybe called traditional ways to generate more traffic to a site. The following are some of the paid (items 1 to 5 ) and free ( items 6 to 10 ) traffic-driving methods usually used by internet marketers. They also can be used successfully by network marketers.

Let's check out what these methods are.

1. Submit Press Releases

Articles about the site are submitted to paid ad sites. There are varying fees for ads that usually run for at least 30 days. the advertiser, with additional fees, can put eye-catching background, logos or fonts to make the advertisement stand out from the rest. A good place to start would be

2. Google Adwords

Be sure to understand the rules to get the most out of the advertisement. Also, if you are not careful, you can lose a ton of money with adwords. It's best to get educated first about the best way to use this traffic method before jumping in blind. Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide to Adwords" is very helpful.

3. Submit to the major and even lesser-known search engines.

See for information about lesser-known and cheaper ppc search engines.

4. Banner Advertising
Be sure to have an eye-catching banner to standout from the rest.

5. Send Mails

Some internet marketers start without a mailing list. Be creative and find some lists you can rent or buy. You can start with the direct mail marketing service at the US Postal Service ( ) What you can also do is to work on building your own list by giving away something free such as a free report on how to build mlm successfully, a free ebook, etc.

6. Article Submission

As visitors to the article submission site read your articles, they come across the resource box where the author's contact details are found. If the reader becomes interested with the information in the article, then, the author can be easily contacted. That would be part of the author's own mailing list. Ezine articles is really the best of them all and the search engines love it. Go to

7. Link exchanges

Some sites check before they agree to link with other sites. Choose sites related to your product or services offered.

8. Blogging

As in article submission, the blog's content will make the reader interested or curious enough to visit the site. Make sure you have a sign up page on your blog where people can sign up for your free offer, free ebook, free report, etc. This will enable you to capture people's contact info and continue to stay in contact with your list.

9. Submit Videos in You Tube or Myspace

The membership of both sites attest to the popularity of videos. Think of the potential traffic an interesting video can drive to your site. It is best, however, to start off by relationship building instead of trying to pitch people and get them in on your mlm deal. Go to to sign up for a course that will take you step by step on how to do this the right way.

10. Offer affiliate program

Very cost effective because somebody really works to make a sale and you pay only for actual sales.

The above-mentioned methods have been tried and tested in their effectiveness. However, with the stiff competition in internet marketing, the results of the traditional methods need to be significantly improved through traffic generating software.

Actually , there are many free traffic generating software available with different capabilities. Following are examples of the functions traffic generating software are capable of:

1. Can drive 1000+ visitors every hour to the site running. Just run the software and you start getting traffic. It's difficult to get this kind of traffic based on manually posted advertisement. ( TrafficPlus Software )

2. Fast submission to 40 of the top search engines. Manual submission to 40 search engines should take several hours. With a traffic generating software, just fill out a form with the appropriate information and the site is submitted simultaneously to the several top search engines

3. Traffic Virus Software automatically blasts ads to 225,000 different sites.

4. A software called Magic Subscriber lives up to its name because it captures the e mail addresses of the site visitors even if they do not fill out any form. Isn't that some kind of magic?

From the examples of what the traffic generating software can do, there is no doubt that they have vastly improved with less effort the traditional methods of getting traffic. With the amazing amount of work the traffic generating software do, the site using them surely gets a lot of traffic. But internet businesses don't make money just by having a lot of visitors. Income is derived from the conversion of the first-time visitors into buyers of the site's products and services.

So, choose a few methods that will interest you and you will be pleased with all the traffic that you will get to your mlm website.

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P.S.S. Everybody knows you have to use the secret language when talking to prospects. It's all explained beginning on page 46 of this free ebook, Success in 10 Steps: