Sunday, December 27, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Sponsoring Isn't Like Selling

When you are out prospecting and talking to a mlm business lead, always remember this as you look to build your mlm business: sponsoring isn't like selling. They are two different entities. Here is what mlm generic trainer Tom, Big Al, Schreiter has to about this in his own words:

Sponsoring Isn't Selling:

When you buy something, you give the seller some money, receive your merchandise, and the deal is completed. That's it.

When someone asks you to join their network marketing company, this isn't a simple, one-time transaction. You are being asked for a long-term commitment. You'll want to know more about the program, the people involved, etc. You want to be comfortable with everything before you make this major decision.

That's why "selling" doesn't work well when sponsoring prospects. What works better is "relationships." Your prospect will more likely join if he knows, likes and trusts you. This is one of the main reasons people join.

If you want to be an effective recruiter, concentrate more of your presentation on relationships and less on features, benefits, and facts about your program.

Tom, Big Al, Schrieter

I'd say this is excellent advice from Tom. Always remember that MLM is a relationship business as my mentor, Michael Dlouhy would say!

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