Sunday, November 29, 2009

MLM Business Leads-Three Tips on How to Talk To Prospects

One person I like to look to for skill training to use when I talk to mlm business leads is Tom, Big Al, Schreiter.

Big Al has been mentoring thousands for years and the skills he teaches are easy to use and very practical. There's nothing fancy with his techniques!

So, today's posts will cover some awesome Big Al strategies to use when you are talking to your mlm business leads.

How to make your presentations rejection-free.

Be polite. It is just that easy.

When prospects acknowledge that they have a problem that your products or opportunity can fix, before you launch into your presentation, ask this question first:

"Would you like to do something about it?"

This gives the prospects a chance to decline a sales presentation, when they have no intention of fixing their problem, or don't believe that you can fix it.

And it's just good manners.

We all hate it when we are subjected to a sales presentation when we don't want to hear one.

On the positive side, if your prospects say that they want to do something about their problem, it is so easy.

Just make a simple presentation and let your prospects buy or join.

Skill #23: How to get your prospects to say "YES" immediately: the magic sequences of words.

Many subscribers have attended this three-hour workshop and asked for more of the basic sequences that get prospects to listen and accept the good things we say.

We don't want to waste our life's breath on prospects who aren't listening.

So here are two more easy-to-use sequences that you can use when dealing with the "decision-making" part of the brain:

1. "I'm curious if you would keep an open mind to . . ."

2. "Well, you know how . . ."

You already know where and how to plug in these sequences from the workshop you attended. So use and enjoy!

People will not do what you tell them to do, only what you show them to do.
The complete library of Big Al skills is at:

What to say next.

After you have finished your "One-Minute Presentation" or any presentation, what are you going to say next if your prospect is not ready to make a decision?

You don't want your prospect to say, "I want to think it over."

You don't want silence while you and the prospect stare at each other.

So what can you say next to keep your presentation moving towards a decision?

Try this:

"So what would you like to know next?"

This forces the prospect to tell you which issues or questions are still in his mind. And by answering your prospect's question on what he wants to know next, you are moving closer to a decision.

This method puts the prospect in control of the flow of information and relaxes the tension of the presentation. Give it a try. Your prospect will love it too.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

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