Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MLM Business Lead-Home Based MLM Leads-And the Best MLM Prospects Are

If you are in a network marketing income opportunity, when you look to find new mlm business partners who desire to make money from home, there is only one group of prospects you should ever focus on. This is the group who are looking to make money from a work at home opportunity. Pursue anyone else and you'll be going down a long and frustrating road to no success. The end result could also very well be your quitting for good.

Even with those who desire to work from home, targeted marketing is still essential. This is because there two categories of people in the make money from home arena. They are:

1. Those who have experience in mlm.
2. Those who don't.

The question is how do you target group number one? Well, what you can do is give something away. For example, some mlm reps give away a free ebook by Michael Dlouhy called "Success in 10 Steps." This particular book is for mlm distributors who are frustrated and not succeeding. There is no having to explain the business as they already understand the concept. This is great because, let's face it, the idea and reason for seeking residual income isn't always easy for people to grasp. You might find a different way to build your mlm lead list. Other examples might include giving away a free ecourse, free newsletter, a free report that you have written, etc.

The bottom line is that group number one is just more targeted. This in turn makes it easier for you to create a steady funnel of prospects which could eventually build you a nice downline of reps. For those who are critical thinkers, when they realize there are millions of business opportunity seekers in group number one and 99% of them are frustrated and need help, it just makes sense to target that group. When people give away any resource that resonates with others in mlm, and they can relate to what the author is saying, it develops into a great leads prospecting tool because people will want to contact you for more details.

Always remember that to build great passive income, you need to create a steady stream of hot prospects. This is why it just makes more sense to build a list of those who already believe in mlm (group #1) and are looking for an opportunity. Your business will grow and you'll be a mlm success story.

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Monique Hawkins
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