Sunday, September 13, 2009

Network Marketing Lead Generation-Are You Using These Two Magic Questions?

As a network marketer, one of the skills you must master for network marketing success is learning how to be an effective network marketing lead generation expert. After all, if we have no mlm network marketing leads to talk to, our business will go downhill fast! For some, this can seem like a daunting task. However, with a burning desire and some skills, mlm recruiting and knowing where to find mlm prospects is achievable.

One person I love to receive free mlm training and tips from is Tom, Big Al, Schreiter. This is because he has mastered business prospecting, and knows how to create a steady funnel of fresh mlm leads. He is like a mlm lead generation expert on steroids!

In a recording I listened to from Big Al last week about growing a mlm business, Big Al discussed what he calls "two magic questions" distributors can ask their potential prospects. These questions are simple and are great prospecting tools to have in your "tool box."

What are these two magical questions? Simply this:

-Do you want to earn some extra money?
-Are you willing to work maybe 7-10 hours a week?

Hmmmmmm. If you are thinking "that's it"?, well, that's it. These two questions Tom Schreiter says works and can be part of an easy network marketing system to use to build your business. What these two questions do is sort through potential mlm leads. There is no convincing involved here. The mlm lead gives an answer and based on their response, you know if they are presentation material or not. After all, Big Al says that in the mlm business, the amateurs convince and professionals sort!

These two magic questions can be used if your are seeking free network marketing leads on line using internet network marketing, talking to people on the bus, gym, store, etc. They are an easy way to pre-qualify people rejection free. Its a simple, but powerful network marketing lead generation system and tool to use. Why not try it out today!

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