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MLM Business Lead-If You Do This, You Could Spend Time With Bubba

As network marketers, all of us want to have that steady stream of mlm business leads to prospect to. After all, without leads and people to talk to, our business dies.

However, there are many who choose to build a mlm leads list by buying leads. They fail to realize that doing this ILLEGAL. Yes, it's ILLEGAL The following will tell you exactly why.

So, if you are one who is buying leads, it's best to stop. After all, you DON'T want to spend time with Bubba.

If you are still confused after reading this letter that was sent to me, feel free to contact myself or Michael Dlouhy.

Hello Professional Network Marketers,

At Mentoring For Free we are about Teaching You How to Think
Not What To Think and the education process takes time and
the effort of many.

We have educated people that buying Leads is a Scam and the
e-mails below may just give You the InSight You may have been
missing Yourself, we hope this "Truth" keeps You out of trouble.

It is against the Law to send Your offer to a OPT-IN Lead that You
bought or were gifted the lead as a bonus to join some company..

Did YOU understand what You just read ? NO, then Read it again ?

You cannot buy an OPT-IN lead of ANY kind from ANYONE then
send them Your Offer because they did NOT OPT-IN for Your Offer
they Opted-IN for the Offer that the Lead seller was offering.

If You send Your Offer to them You are guilty of SPAM and You
will be prosecuted under the Law that YOU broke.. Mentoring For
Free will be forced to shut down Your web site and charge You for
Damages of $750.00 per day.

The letter from the Go Daddy Spam and Abuse Department will
add some clarity to the "LAW" You may be guilty of breaking..

This letter was the result of someone joining GDI and was given
100,000 OPT-IN leads that had a Massive Bounce Rate and it
caused the site to be shut down as well
as the company that sent the sales letter to the Spam list....

Our purpose for this e-mail is to educate You so be sure to read
what YOU will need to supply Mentoring For Free with if You are
responsible for getting any of our sites shut down, be sure to read
the second set of #1, #2, #3 that You will be asked to produce.

You cannot make this stuff up, read it for Yourself below. You may
want to send this e-mail to every Lead Broker that tries to SCAM

Back to some "Critical Thinking"...........Question for You.....

Why Would a Lead Broker Sell You a Lead ( if ) they were any
good ???? Answer They Would NOT....

They would use the lead to build a home based business for
themselves that would create a walk away monthly income.

We Believe In You
Michael & Linda Dlouhy
352--799--8779 anytime...
Mentoring For Free Founders.

Dear Michael Dlouhy,

We have charged the $199 fee to the credit card on file for your
account. GoDaddy will consider you a participant in our Abuse
Enforcement Program (also known as Go Daddy's AEP Program).

There are a few actions you can take to ensure that everything
goes smoothly.

1. Log into your Go Daddy account and change the administrative
contact for each domain name to the email address you submitted
as the primary contact, and
change the technical contact for each domain name to the
address you submitted as the secondary contact,

This will ensure that you receive all warning messages. You
can modify your entire list of domain names at once (contact
Go Daddy's Customer Service Department at support@ or 480-505-8877 480-505-8877 if you need help).

2. Check your email client software (Outlook, Outlook Express,
Eudora, Thunderbird, etc) to ensure that the "Customer Warning"
messages are not being filtered by any type of anti-spam feature
that your particular email client my employ.

The "Customer Warning" messages you receive are auto-
generated, many spam filters will not allow the delivery of
auto generated messages. Most email clients will allow you
to "whitelist" email messages from individual domain names
or email addresses so that any message from a whitelisted
domain name or email address is delivered.,,, abuse@godaddy.
and support@domainsbyproxycom should be whitelisted.

You should not have any problems since you have responded
to the warnings you have received so far, but you may want to
keep this in mind if you make any changes.

3. Monitor these addresses diligently and responding to any
warning messages. If the "Customer Warning" messages you
receive go unanswered for longer than 5 days the domain in
question is suspended. I would strongly recommend that you
assign someone the task of checking these addresses each
day and answering any warning messages immediately.

The subject lines for these warnings are hard to miss, they will

4. Implement some type of control or procedure that will
enable you to easily monitor and police your clients. Many
customers utilize a naming convention of some sort that
places an ID# or Ad# within the referral URL that will identify
the sender of the message. You may already have some
sort of payment system in place for identifying your clients;
many AEP participants tie this into their advertisement
identification or tracking scheme.

5. Notify your clients/affiliates that you are paying special
attention to this potential problem. Place a "No Spam" policy
on your site and/or notify your clients via email of this new
commitment to enforce this policy.

6. Set up an email inbox for your domain name so you can
receive complaints at Abuse@Your domain name.

From this point forward Go Daddy will supply your company
with each complaint we receive in order to allow you to enforce
Go Daddy's anti-spam policy. All that we ask is that you
terminate the services of any individual that cannot provide
conclusive proof of prior consent to receive the offending
message. Conclusive proof of prior consent can be provided
by supplying the information outlined below.

1. Your clients/affiliate will need to provide server logs showing
when the complainant connected to your clients/affiliates site
and subscribed, opted-in, or consented to receive marketing
information from your clients/affiliates. This information must
include the following:

* Time/Date of opt-in/subscription/consent.
* IP address of the web server the complainant used to
connect to your site.
* Referral URL.

2. Your clients/affiliate will need to provide a detailed explanation
of how the example email address was obtained, your clients/
affiliates are encouraged to provide a copy of any confirmation
messages, complete with header information that this individual
sent to your clients/affiliates when they consented to receive
marketing information from their company.

3. In addition to the information outlined above, your clients/
affiliate will need to forward all contact information they have
for this individual along with any other relevant information
that they feel supports their claim of prior consent.

We will then investigate the validity of the information that
your clients/affiliates provide. The complainant may be
contacted to verify and/or confirm any contact information
or subscription details. If the information your clients/affiliates
provide checks out, we can probably consider these situations
an example where the complainant may have forgotten they
consented to receive your client/affiliates message.

Remember you can always email or
telephone 480-624-2505 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Spam and Abuse Department

Monique Hawkins
540-858-2885 anytime
Skype: Monique371
Be A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

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Thank you, for such a clear and comprehensive post. Since I’ve been reading you, I feel I have begun to understand more about this topic. Please keep writing. I just hope people are listening to you and reading you.