Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MLM Business Lead-How to Get Prospects Begging to Buy From You

Sometimes, when we first get started in our mlm business opportunity, we're unsure what to say to our mlm business lead. Even if we have been in the business for awhile, we may have learned to say all the wrong things. As a result our business leads, family, and friends end up running for the nearest exit when they see us coming! Whatever the situation, the bottom line is our recruiting/sponsoring methods have been ineffective.

What would it be like if you could have your fresh mlm leads asking to buy from you? What would it be like to say that one magical phrase that's rejection free plus have your mlm business leads asking more questions?

According to mlm legend Tom, Big Al, Schreiter, there is one such phrase. It works so well in prospecting because it speaks directly to your mlm prospects subconscious mind which is the seat for all decision making.

what is this magical phrase? It's this: "Would it be ok?" This phrase can create customers and bring distributors for your downline. Here are some examples to use for your opt-in leads, mlm leads, qualified leads, friends, family, etc.

-Would it be ok if you lost 2 pounds a week by eating cookies?-Would it be ok if you had more energy than your grandchildren?

-Would it be ok if you woke up every morning feeling like a million dollars?

-Would it be ok if you had a paycheck in your box every Friday?

-Would it be ok if someone else paid for your vacation?

-Would it be ok if made more money part-time than your professor does full time?

-Would it be ok if your skin got younger while you sleep?

As you can see, these are just a few of the many magical phrases you can come up with about your mlm product or service. These phrases create visions in your mlm business lead's mind which causes them to desire to learn more.

So, as a rep, the plan for increasing your sponsoring is to say the phrase, "Would it be ok if" to one to two people a day. This can be done in person, on a website, in an on or offline ad, in a blog, etc. Choose the method that will work best for you and you will begin to see success in creating customers and/or new reps for your mlm opportunity.

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