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Free Network Marketing Informaton: How to Use Article Marketing To Promote Your Product or Service

Today's free network marketing information tip will be an article in which Christopher Knight from talks about how article marketing can be a powerful way to brand yourself on the internet. Plus, the search engines love his site so this will be a goodie for you!

Article Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Top tips from's Christopher Knight

From Scott Allen, for

Christopher Knight is founder of, the Web's largest community and content distribution system for articles by expert authors, with over 2 million monthly visitors. He is widely considered one of the top experts on the practice of "article marketing". I got some time this week with Chris to get his perspectives on how entrepreneurs can best make use of article marketing to grow their business.

SA: I think the term "article marketing" is sufficiently self-explanatory, but if you want to have an actual meaningful strategy, rather than just kind of tossing out an article randomly every now and then, what does that consist of? What does a good article marketing plan strategy look like?

CK: There are two types of "Article Marketing" strategies that I see every day:

  1. Intentional and consistent distribution of quality original articles every month to a small list of highly relevant publishers. About 15% of the market does this.
  2. Stab, stick and blast. In other words, they take a stab at writing articles without a plan, they stick it anywhere they think they should and when this doesn't pay off in traffic attraction dividends, they blast it to everyone (relevant and not so relevant sites).
A good Article Marketing plan really depends on what the end-outcomes are… and how many qualified leads or qualified visitors an author or expert wishes to attract.

If a business person was serious about achieving results via article marketing or the distribution of quality original articles, they would write the content themselves or hire someone to write original articles that would be exclusive to them (meaning, no PLR (Private Label Rights) content. The articles would be 300-700 words and they would be distributed to two different select tiers of sites: Tier 1, high traffic distribution sites such as ourselves and Tier 2, highly-relevant niche publishers that won't have the same high-level of traffic as the first tier, but they will have a highly relevant and qualified visitor base to refer to the author.

For infopreneurs or consultants, the benefits of article marketing may be more readily obvious. What about other businesses? What if I'm, say, a restaurant owner, retailer, etc.?

Article writing and syndication or marketing can be applied to any industry, but it is true that there are a few industries that won't benefit the same.

Example: A B2B highly complex multi-million dollar paper machine manufacturer who wants to write about the inner workings of how their paper machines operate. It's not that they couldn't, but that their market normally expects white paper PDF's that go into great depth and detail that just can't be done in a less than 500 word article format. Example: Anyone who needs to cite references or source material for their article … isn't a good candidate for article marketing. You want to limit and control your exposure to risk and I've found that footnotes in an article are better left for article content that is not syndicated in full.

What if my business is local only? How can article marketing help me? And how can I get my article seen and re-published by local-oriented publications?

Restaurant owners and local retailers can benefit from article marketing, big time!

In fact, about 6 months ago I did research into how entrepreneurs/marketers could leverage the growing trend of localized search. The solution is to include your locality in the article title and near the top of the article and you'll increase your chances of being found by those who are searching for localized content. This market is just getting started and is at the foothill of an emerging market that is only going to attract a larger audience.

Your chances of getting competitors from your industry to run your localized article content are pretty slim… so I'd recommend focusing on the intelligence of your article titles as they relate to what your local audience is searching for.

This is part 1 of Christopher Knight's article. The next post will cover part 2 of Chris's expertise in article marketing.

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