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Free Network Marketing Information Tip: Why Content Syndication is the Wave of the Future

Though Charles Hefflin is not someone who is in mlm, an affiliate marketer, etc., he offers some highly valuable information about how to build a business successfully online.

Today's free network marketing information tip is on how internet marketing will work in the future. It is a great read!

Online Future Shock: Why Content Syndication Is the Premature Arrival of The Future

In preparation for our upcoming book, Charles Heflin and I were asked the following question by the other co-author, Richard Dennis:

“Charles and Tom, what is it about content syndication that blows your mind?”

Since I’m older and cuter I went first…

OK, I know, having your “mind blown” is a rather dated colloquialism, but it still manages to get the job done, and just about everyone knows what Richard was after by his question. So here is my answer. Actually, to be honest, it’s a SUMMARY of my answer. You must read the book to get the complete picture (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?).

What blows my mind about content syndication is that it is the ultimate END GAME for all current and future successful online marketing; yet only a minuscule number of people understand its immediate and long term effects and implications. Even fewer know how to execute a successful content syndication campaign. Now stop for a second… and read this sentence again. I’ll wait…

If this statement is ANYWHERE NEAR true then you have every reason to dissect, explore, test and literally devour what I’m about to share.

Content syndication currently exists in a kind of “FUTURE SHOCK” state, to borrow Alvin Toffler’s description. He defined Future Shock as the “The premature arrival of the future.” This is exactly how I view the current state of content syndication.

It’s “premature” only in the sense that the online world is not ready for nor do they expect the outcomes and massive success that content syndication will generate, especially when it’s executed properly, as we have demonstrated and continue to perfect at

It’s the “future” in that content syndication is where ALL future online marketing is heading, regardless of whether people like it or not. In the very near future EVERYONE will be forced to abide by what will seem to be a very stringent code. But it’s not stringent to those of us who have practiced these syndication protocols for years and LOVE THEM because of the results we get, time and time again.

Even the words, “Content Syndication”, both alone and together are packed with stellar meaning. Quality, relevant “Content” describes the number one motive and goal for every person engaging in an online SEARCH. The primary goal of ALL search engines therefore is to deliver this quality, relevant and easily digestible CONTENT to all its users. The search engines KNOW that this is the ultimate end GOAL.

What is mysterious and baffling here is that most online marketers also know about the role of quality content. Around the world millions engage in various kinds of SEO strategies as a costly and often unpredictable solution. They understand the “trees” but for many reasons they have yet to see the “forest.” Believe me, once you see the FOREST and you understand what this vantage point offers, you will kick yourself for not seeing it sooner. It’s as if Fort Knox has stacked its gold bullion onto the center of Times Square and day by day people walk by and see only shiny metallic images, with less than 1% of 1% ever stuffing one of those valuable gold bricks into their backpack. The FOREST and the GOLD BULLION is CONTENT SYNDICATION.

In the next few years the search engines will finally perfect their search architecture to such a degree that they can superimpose their MASSIVE CONTENT SIEVE onto every combination of words and phrases that people so glibly submit as CONTENT. Expect the Net as we know it today to undergo the most massive and complete CONTENT HOUSE CLEANING since its inception. We have already seen smaller versions of this grand WORD PURGE; but you ain’t seen nothing yet! Expect this grand daddy of them all to be on the horizon soon.

Online marketers are fond of calling this “The Google Slap.” Well, call me a seasoned sadist, because I LOVE it whenever Google slaps me (and rest of the net). “It hurts soooo good!” Why? Because when they do this I see yet ANOTHER reason why content syndication blows my mind and another reason why it SHOULD blow yours. It’s like cleaning up the streets of New York City so that the hard working, honest and law abiding citizens can walk freely and enjoy the fruits of their labors; which for us content syndication advocates means more READERS and more SALES. Whenever the net get’s SLAPPED I win, because I know how to leverage my content by syndicating it on the new and cleanly swept syndication sidewalks that Google cleared off just for me and for everyone else who VALUES true content. And just think; now we get to do this without all the hindrances and trash that used to line the content roadways of cyberspace. Do you get the picture?

Lastly, what blows my mind is the word “SYNDICATION” itself, and the various meanings it conveys. Have you ever done a study on this word? Do you know what it means to “syndicate” something? For example when applied to online content I discovered that to syndicate means all of the following:

1. To BROADCAST through multiple channels.

2. To CONTINUE to broadcast through multiple channels on a REGULAR basis.

3. To syndicate so often and so well that you DOMINATE your content niche, topic or keyword. For example, when we say things like, “Las Vegas is still run by the Syndicate,” we are implying that a “Syndicate” is a group of people who have established themselves as a powerful multichannel force, one that will not be EASILY MOVED.

4. Isn’t this EXACTLY what we want our content to accomplish…to dominate our chosen niche so that NO ONE can move us aside…ever?

Now consider this. When most people think of content they automatically think of something written, like an article, blog post, press release, etc. But as my friend, Russell Wright, reminded me recently, content means any “item” that is capable of embodying meaning and can be distributed through typical online channels. When you consider the implications of this you have to get excited. As the average online business owner begins to explore and understand the value and the mechanics of content syndication expect to see a tidal wave of new approaches to online marketing.

OK, if you have followed me this far you have either concluded that this guy is on to something historic and monumental or that he is a complete idiot mind freak toying with my lack of knowledge and worse yet, my emotions. Obviously, you must be the final judge, and I welcome that. I’m not trying to be cute or flamboyant about all this…(OK, so maybe I am a little). The point is that you owe it to yourself to find out if these predictions and forecasts are based in truth. If you discover they are then I suggest you begin now to learn how to live and succeed in the state of CONTENT SYNDICATION FUTURE SHOCK…because it has already arrived and it’s here to stay.

Now for a word from my partner Charles Heflin on this “Future Shock”…

The facet of content syndication that blows my mind is its leveraging power.

There is no other single thing in Internet marketing that you can do that holds more leverage than content syndication.


In a SINGLE move you can (single being the KEY word)…

  • Initiate the viral spread of your content to many, many networks and people
  • Enhance the visibility of your content in social circles from other people propagating (spreading) your content.
  • Enhance the visibility of your content in the search engines through multiple references all leading to your content
  • Enhance the ranking of your content in the search engines because of all the ‘Social Buzz’ surrounding your content

There is simply NO other more efficient action you can take in Internet marketing today that has more leverage, none. You can effectively narrow your marketing tasks down to simply writing educational, enlightening and entertaining content for your target audience, syndicate that content and watch as your target audience begins to arrive at your website in perpetually growing numbers.

No other form of Internet marketing is this easy and none is more powerful in terms of time spent to reward gained.

Of course to use this leverage you have to go through a paradigm shift in what you “thought” Internet marketing was all about. To use this leverage you must forget marketing and start being educational, enlightening and entertaining to the audience you wish to attract. Then this audience will seek out your wares, no selling required… Sales just happen.

It is a shift away from the “pitch” and into quality of information which leads to sales. Internet consumers are VERY wise these days. They base their judgment of what to buy based on trust and social mention. Consumers are savvy now; they know how to research to find the answers they seek… Are you going to be one that answers those questions in an educational, enlightening or entertaining way or are you just looking for a sale?

To harness the leverage of content syndication you MUST shift your thinking and forget about marketing. As you forget about marketing and focus on delivering quality content, marketing will happen for you automatically. How is this for counter intuitive?

Are you ready for some FUTURE SHOCK? … If not I suggest you get ready. It’s already here and Thomas and I (and our partners and staff) have spent over 4 years researching, testing and visiting Times Square, daily claiming our gold, which nobody else seems to notice…Honest, you should see OUR backpacks!

Thomas Rozof & Charles Heflin,

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