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Free Network Marketing Information-How to Set Your Internet Marketing Budget

We all know it is easy to get bogged down on the internet, get distracted, and spend a lot of money when it comes to building our business online.

Today's free network marketing information tip is about how to keep your marketing budget within reason!

10 Rules for Setting Your Internet Marketing Budget From Gregory Go, for

Conversation Marketing, a great blog about online marketing, recently published a post entitled "10 Rules for Setting Your Internet Marketing Budget". Many online businesses, especially when they're just starting out, get sticker shock when shopping for Web services. The main point of the article is this: you get what you pay for, so don't expect to be happy with the cheapest providers.

The problem with low-cost providers and services is that you may need to spend that amount again in a few months redoing the project. What's worse are the lost opportunities a badly executed project may cost your business. Saving a few bucks on cheap hosting might cost you many more bucks in lost business.

While the entire list of 10 budgeting tips is a quick and worthwhile read, there are three points in particular that I want to highlight:

3. If you want a site built by a single untrained individual who 'learned how to use Dreamweaver', expect to spend less than $2000. Also, expect to build a new site within 3 months.

In the last 5-10 years, building an online business has gotten more complicated than just putting up a simple website.

These days, your Web team needs to know more than just Dreamweaver (how to technically put up a site). They need to know how to build a website that attracts visitors (ie., search engine friendly), gets those visitors to come back or subscribe (ie., is sticky), and most importantly, converts visitors into sales.

5. If you expect to get a #1 ranking on Google for $99, you're insane.

If someone is promising you #1 rankings for just a few hundred bucks, there's a good chance there's something shady going on. Even if they were able to deliver those #1 rankings, the results may be temporary or may get your site banned by Google.

Improving your search rankings for the long term takes a holistic approach. You (or the SEO firm you hire) need to look at your site's content, information architecture, design and layout, inbound links, and a host of other variables that affect your search rank.

In short, a successful SEO campaign takes months of work and looks at nearly every aspect of your online business. That can't reasonably happen for just a few hundred bucks.

Fortunately, even if you don't have the $5,000 or more it takes to hire a top notch SEO firm, there are plenty of things you can do yourself. Check out these articles for tips on self-serve SEO:

  1. Top 10 Factors Affecting Your Search Engine Rankings
  2. 11 Do-It-Yourself SEO Tricks

10. If you're spending $250,000 to build your product and get it to market, don't tell me you can't spend $15,000 to give it a decent web site, unless you want to watch my eyes bug out like I've been suddenly depressurized.

This point is especially applicable to online businesses, where your website is your entire business! Your website says volumes about your business, so make sure it's saying "reliable professional", not "spammy amateur".

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