Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Networking Marketing Information Tip-How to Sponer During the Summer

Well, it's that time of year-the time for sun, the beach, vacations and the like! When it comes to a mlm business, direct sales business, or any type of home-based business, sometimes people have a tendency to slow down in the summer.

Today's free network marketing information tip has to do with how to continue building even in the summer months.

How to sponsor during the summer holidays - and still keep your friends and relatives.

You are cooking on the grill. Your friends are relaxing by the pool. The conversation is positive. People are in a good mood.

What a great time for a presentation about your business!

You set up a flip chart at the end of the picnic table and say:

"Now that you are all here, let me tell you about my business opportunity."



So there must be an easier way to help your friends and relatives want your opportunity, right?

How about this?

Why not educate your friends and relatives first? Help them become educated about the benefits of having their own network marketing business so they become self-motivated, looking to join.


Try this. Simply give them a copy of the generic prospecting book, "How to Get Rich without Winning the Lottery" and say:
"Let me LOAN you this book. I'll PICK IT UP in a couple of days because OTHER people want to read it too."
This simple statement says this to the prospect:
1) I'll be back. Expect me to follow up with you.

2) Time limit. You need to read it in a couple of days, so don't delay.

3) The book has value. Other people would like to read it too. It must be popular. Better check it out right away to see why other people are waiting to read it.
Then, let this book educate and motivate them about network marketing. When they read page 49, they'll "get it" and will want to get a check also.

Use this same script for your favorite prospecting tool, for your company CD, for your product booklet. Saying these words makes it easier for the recipient to want to review your gift.

And if you want to stock up on the inexpensive prospecting book, "How to Get Rich without Winning the Lottery," simply go to:

(Check out my home-made video there.)

Make these summer holidays the best prospecting time of the year.

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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Very nice free network marketing information tip from the one and only Big Al!

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sunworshipper said...

I would agree with you. But thats the reason why i bought a mini laptop, so i could get connected even if i am away on a picnic trip by the lake.Don't let your work stop you from enjoying the season.