Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information-The Two Minute Close

To Your Success,
Today's free network marketing tip has to do with a close that even the shyest networker can use effectively.

Curious as to what it is? Tom, Big A, Schreither will now explain!

The two-envelope close.

Have two sealed envelopes at opportunity meetings. Label one envelope "No" and the other envelope "Yes."

At the end of the meeting, show your guest the two envelopes. Tell your guest that he will receive one of the envelopes depending on his decision.

If the guest chooses "No" - give the guest the "No" envelope that contains discount coupons for your products or services.

If the guest chooses "Yes" - give the guest the "Yes" envelope that contains discounts and offers for training, extra fast-start packs, prospecting
tools, etc.

Now even the shyest person can ask for a decision from the guest.

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Pretty cool free network marketing information tip isn't it? Begin to use it at your next meeting!

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