Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information Tip-How to Recruit Effortlessly

As someone who is in direct sales, networking marketing, or any type of sales business, there always is the question of what type of recruiting methods work best to build a business.

Today's free network marketing information tip is about how to use 5 marketing strategies to sponsor people into your home business very easily.

5 Top Marketing Strategies That Recruit New Prospects Effortlessly
By Bryan Dennehy

We all know that to be successful in the home based business and network marketing industry you need traffic to your website and more importantly you need to convert that traffic into leads, well today I want to go over some marketing strategies that can be used to generate an endless supply of leads for your business.

1. Pay-Per Click Advertising - I see PPC as the most powerful marketing strategy on the entire internet, I would highly recommend learning this skill if you haven't already...there is no other form of marketing where within half an hour or so you can have laser targeted leads opting in to your capture page or website within minutes of writing your adds.

2. Article Marketing - This is another very powerful form of marketing although you won't see immediate results like with PPC you can still generate lots of free highly targeted leads. The more articles you write the more exposure you will gain. Just make sure your articles provide value to the reader and contain good content by doing this you can expect to receive traffic from your articles for years to come.

3. Social Media Sites - Sites like MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter offer a great way to connect with millions of people online and allow you to build relationships and network with like minded individuals. Again this is a free form of marketing that everybody should be using if you are not you are leaving money on the table as there are hundreds of people generating quality leads every day through these sites.

4. Video Marketing - This has to be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to generate highly targeted leads for your business, this is all about branding you and positioning you as a leader in the eyes of your prospects and to have them chasing you for a change. All you need to do is make a short 2 - 5 minute video which can easily be uploaded to sites like You Tube and have your face and business in front of tens of thousands of people within minutes.

5. Forum Posting - Another very simple yet effective strategy that everyone should have in their arsenal, I would recommend spending an hour or two a few nights a week posting on forums as this can bring you highly targeted traffic...again don't expect to see results straight away like most of the free marketing techniques and strategies they take a bit more time and dedication but if used correctly and your posts are of value you should expect to see people seeking you out for advice and guidance and inevitably more people will want to join you in business because you offer value.

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Xerge said...

Article Marketing and Social Marketing are my favorites to work on. Yes, they take time, but once you get a system and a habit in place, it becomes much easier and enjoyable.


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