Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information Tip-Women and Internet Marketing

Are you a woman who has a network marketing, direct sales, affiliate, or an offline business? If so, today's free network marketing information tips covers ways for you to market your business effectively online.

How Professional Women Can More Efficiently Market Their Home Business
By Lavonte Stanley

'm often asked about this question of motivation. How do professional women market their home business effectively? What drives a professional woman to constantly push herself to do the necessary work involved in marketing her online home business? As I've stated time and time again, it is consistent marketing that really determines the success of an online business. I've seen many professional women come and go because they didn't have the patience to set aside 2 hours of conscious internet marketing effort a day to work on their home business. It is a good idea to start your workday the night before by writing down 3 activities that you plan to complete for the next day in order to bring you closer to your project goals. An additional hour should be spent pursuing some form of personal development. This is what brings results for my business, and the same applies for any professional women home business owners.

One thing I do about five days a week is work out at the gym. This way I can maintain my sexy, let my 2 year old burn up some energy in gym daycare, and work out while I listen to self-improvement audio ebooks which I download from my website. The audiobooks keep me up to speed with what is going on in my industry and how I can stay competitive in business. The result is flat abs and up-to-date business knowledge. Because the internet is constantly changing, it is super important for any online businesswoman to take the time to do the research about how best to approach the online world.

Professional women, and all business people alike, need to remember to be task-oriented in their home business. It is easy to spend hours in your home business office and never get anything done. You may find yourself checking your email multiple times a day, for example, and never seem to get a task completed. If your task is to master Google, for example, so that you can maximize the number of hits you get on your website, make sure you give yourself a step by step task list and make yourself check each item off as you complete them.

I would also advise that it would be important to learn how to do effective internet marketing. Some professional women don't seek additional training because they are afraid that there is a huge cost involved in learning what the marketing pros know. This is not true, however. There are many organizations which can help you to learn cutting edge techniques in internet marketing. As a business Coach, I often incorporate internet marketing into my one-on-one coaching sessions.

It is not necessary to hire a Coach, however, to gain the business-savvy info that you need to be successful online. Many websites, such as mine, offers plenty of ebooks and audiobooks which provide invaluable information about internet marketing, business, self-improvement, and all things practical as it relates to improving your effectiveness in business and life. You can listen to new information about your industry on an iPod while taking the dog for a walk, or learn about a new internet marketing method for home business owners while shopping for Manolo shoes.

I stay on top of my game by organizing my time well and pampering myself in ways which I enjoy. When I get overwhelmed and need a break, I take one. Sometimes I take a bubble bath to relax me or break out a bottle of wine while I paint my toenails. After I take a little time off, I get back to work. Regardless of what stage you are in with your own home business, you can always benefit from proper internet marketing. It often sets the difference between professional women who succeed and those who don't.

M Lavonte Stanley, MBA, is a Professional Career/Life Coach, freelance writer, and CEO of Practical Self-Improvement ( Her organization is dedicated to helping small business owners (and other motivated individuals) to achieve balance in both their professional and family lives.

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