Monday, April 06, 2009

MLM Home Business Opportunity

As a distributor who has a mlm home business opportunity, you likely have many goals. Some may include finding opportunity seekers to add to your database, increasing your earnings so your home business can become more profitable, etc.

The one challenge you and many distributors likely face is knowing how to get more appointments with mlm prospects. Many don't realize there are simple skills they can use to get appointments just about 100% of the time. Knowing these skills can make prospecting efforts not only more efficient, but also cause leads to sit up and pay attention.

One of the skills to ease recruiting frustration is to learn to use the right first sentence. First sentences are important because they cause prospects to make up their minds in 30 seconds.

As a matter of fact, 95%-98% of reps who use the right first sentence see much success and an increase in sign up rates. Some people spend days, months, and years learning how to give a good presentation to their leads which is unnecessary. Using the right first sentence will work even if the rest of the presentation is horrific.

A couple of good things to know about the right first sentence is this:

-It should get rid of the pyramid objection
-It should get the prospect excited
-If should have the mlm lead think, "How can I join?"
-It should get rid of the "I'm not comfortable doing that" objection
-It should get rid of the training objection
-It should promote confidence

If you want to create endless leads for your income opportunity say this simple first sentence:

"Most people do network marketing everyday but they just don't get paid for it."

That's it. It has been proven that this simple first sentence causees fresh mlm leads or any others to to lean forward and have a burning desire to know more.

Learning to use the right first sentence is just one of many skills to learn. Take action today, test this sentence, and watch your mlm home business opportunity grow!

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