Thursday, April 02, 2009

MLM Business Opportunities

Tom, Big Al, Schreiter, is one of my mentors. I am sure that for many people with mlm business opportunities, he is one person who they turn for tips and strategies to build a successful downline and business.

Today's tip is coming to you straight from Big Al. It hails from his 77 Prospecting Ideas series, which is free by the way. You can sign up for lots of freebies at his website.

I know you will enjoy the post!

Tip #69: Full-time? Or part-time?

Network marketing is a great addition to a regular
salary. Since the regular salary covers most of the
household expenses, the extra money from network
marketing can be used for:

* Vacations
* Nicer cars
* College education fund
* Investing
* Debt reduction
* Expensive hobbies
* Early retirement

However, many people want their network marketing
income to replace their regular salary, and often they
quit their jobs too soon. Here are some thoughts on
what happens:

"Nothing magical happens when you quit your job -
expect that your income disappears."
- Art Spikol

"Since I quit my j-o-b, I sleep like a baby. Every
three hours I get up and cry."
- Anonymous distributor

The moral is:

Let your network marketing income ENHANCE your life.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. When I meet new prospects, I give them a special
book that pre-sells them on network marketing. I
have used this book personally for four years, and
the results are excellent. You can read about this
book at:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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Larenz02 said...


Nice post. Multi-level marketing is seen to invest more energy on the recruiting exercise as opposed to the actual selling of the products and services they offer. To most it would appear that MLM will be recruiting more competitors offering the same product and services but contrary to that belief, multi-level marketers benefit from the cuts they receive out of the profits of these recruits.