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One of the people I highly respect is Mr. Richard Dennis. Not only is he a highly successful network marketer who gives away tons of free network marketing information, but he also sure does know a lot about marketing!

Today, Richard is going to explain exactly what Google thinks of stories. This is sure gonna be good!

When You Tell Your Story, Google Will Say, “BOR-ING!! zzZ-ZZZ-ZZ”

What can you do to get Google’s attention?

More than 20 years ago, marketing guru Jay Abraham compiled a booklet titled The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written. He listed his 100 top heads, followed by a paragraph or two explaining each one and why it was successful.

Here are 21 of the heads Jay chose:

  1. Who Else Wants Lighter Cake - In Half The Mixing Time?
  2. Little Leaks That Keep Men Poor
  3. Pierced By 301 Nails, Retains Full Air Pressure
  4. No More Back-Breaking Garden Chores for Me - Yet Ours Is Now The Showplace of the Neighborhood
  5. Often a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
  6. How Much Is “Worker Tension” Costing Your Company?
  7. To Men Who Want To Quit Work Someday
  8. How To Plan Your House To Suit Yourself
  9. Buy No Desk - Until You’ve Seen This Sensation of the Business Show
  10. Call Back These Great Moments at the Opera
  11. “I Lost My Bulges, And Saved Money Too”
  12. Why (Brand Name) Bulbs Give More Light This Year
  13. Right and Wrong Farming Methods - And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Profits
  14. New Cake-Improver Gets You Compliments Galore!
  15. Imagine Me … Holding An Audience Spellbound For 30 Minutes
  16. This Is Marie Antoinette - Riding To Her Death
  17. Did You Ever See a “Telegram” From Your Heart?
  18. Now Any Auto Repaid Job Can Be “Duck Soup” For You
  19. New Shampoo Leaves Your Hair Smoother - Easier To Manage
  20. It’s a Shame For You Not To Make Good Money - When These Men Do It So Easily
  21. You Never Saw Such Letters As Harry And I Got About Our Pears

Notice anything they have in common?

Well … they all more or less announce a story. If that story appeals to you, it’s a great hook.

But guess what? Google doesn’t care. If you want high ranking in Google’s natural search (unpaid), then you need to know how to write headlines that software will drool over.

Hint #1: Don’t tell a story. Software doesn’t care about your problems or your successes.

Hint #2: Don’t promise a benefit. There’s not a benefit on earth that can get software lathered up. Why? Because it’s software!

Hint #3: Don’t get into hypnotism, magnetism, neuro-linguistic programming, or any other mind games. Software will laugh in your face … just before it falls asleep.

You already heard the biggest part of the “#1 rank in Google” formula on the How You Can Make Google Drool audio. To also create headslines that will make Google drool:

1. Use your favorite keyword tool to list a bunch of keyword phrases people search in your niche.
2. Use those phrases or rework them slightly so they make sense, and occasionally throw in one of the words that people are so often looking for with regard to any specific subject:

  • advice
  • guide
  • ideas
  • lesson
  • methods
  • mistakes
  • model
  • plan
  • program
  • strategy
  • system
  • tactics
  • techniques
  • tips
  • tools
  • tricks
  • tutorial

When you come up with a title, hold it to 5 or 6 words, max. 3-4 words is better. It needs to make sense, but Google wants it short & sweet.

If you combine that kind of title with an article laden with latent semantic indexed words, and publish it on an authority site like, you have a winner … high chance of #1 rank in Google for your title.

If you want more details, opt-in to the box on the right, and you’ll receive the audio files explaining in detail how to make Google drool.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis

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