Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Network Marketing Tips-MLM and Attractive Marketing

As someone who is looking to build a home business, it is important to know how to relate to others. This includes knowing how to attract people to you.

Today's free network marketing tip is on how to attract prospects to you with ease.

3 Tips On Being Attractive In Network Marketing
By Jonathan Budd

At the end of the day your “attractor factor” is crucial to your network marketing success. We are in an industry that is built around ATTRACTION.

The subtle underlying feelings people have towards others are what determines whether or not a person says “I want to join YOU.” When you have a few key elements in place you will boost your attractiveness and kick up the notch of people who decide they want to join you.

Three tips to make yourself more attractive in network marketing are:

1. Share value with other people. Value could mean many things, knowledge, education, know-how, advice, compassion…anything that shows you are a valuable person that has lots to offer people. When people see you have lots of value to offer, it will make them more attracted to you as a person.

2. Nurture the concept of “Kaizen.” Continuous improvement. When you are constantly educating yourself and becoming better at what you do…you increase your own value. As your own value increases, you now have more value to share with other people, and they will be attracted to you.

3. Develop a marketing system that will help your team. People join other people for two reasons only. They either see that person as a leader who has value to offer them, or that person has a marketing system they see as valuable to offer them.

When you create a marketing system so your team can generate endless leads to expand their business…you will be A LOT more attractive to work with.

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