Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information-

As a marketer, either with network marketing or direct sales, I am sure you are aware of the m any ways to market online.

Today's free network marketing information tip focuses on how to use forums to build relationships as well as your home business opportunity.

Experienced Internet marketers know that online business and marketing forums can be an incredible source of information and insight. They can also be a goldmine for networking and prospecting.

One great advantage of online marketing forums is that they generally draw a good cross section of members, from the marketing newcomer to the experienced. Additionally, popular forums tend to attract members with a wide variety of business interests and backgrounds.

You can use these advantages to the benefit of your Internet marketing business.

First, join online forums to gain valuable marketing knowledge and insight:

- Find out what products, programs and services are currently popular.

- Learn more about tried and true methods of marketing and advertising.

- Get recommendations on preferred marketing tools and resources.

- Ask experienced members the marketing questions you can't get answered elsewhere.

- Ask for opinions or feedback on your planned marketing materials or advertising campaigns.

Second, join online forums to network with other business people and Internet marketers:

- Develop partnerships to joint venture with each other or cross-promote each other's products or services. This could lead to additional connections and introductions through their network that may also benefit your business.

- Form a feedback alliance where you review and evaluate each other's marketing materials, advertising, websites, ebooks, etc. This can help improve your materials and your marketing efforts.

- Expand your circle of influence so you have a higher quality network of leaders informing you first when new products or resources come available and to whom you can return the courtesy.

Third, join online forums to casually prospect for customers:

- Blatant advertising and outright prospecting are not typically tolerated in most forums. You need to build respect as an active, participating, contributing member. Your aim is to develop a reputation as a trusted source for information and resources in your particular niche.

- The best way to build your image and reputation is by posting thoughtful, respectful, helpful comments in response to posts by other forum members. Offer insight and advice based on personal experience or education.

- Look for opportunities to start new topic threads. If you start a thread that is meaningful and relevant to forum members, they will be motivated to post comments in the thread. Every time they do, your thread goes back to the top and that helps to keep your name in front of other forum members.

- Finally, take advantage of the opportunity to include a signature with your forum posts. Your signature is one more way to advertise and promote your Internet marketing business. Most forums allow you to include a few links to sites of your choice, such as your website, blog page or a sales page.

As mentioned, online business and marketing forums can be information, networking and prospecting goldmines, but you do need to follow the rules and become a respected member of the forum. Approach forums with the right attitude and you will find the experience to be incredibly rewarding.

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