Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information

Have you ever run an ad about your networking marketing company's products or services and are not sure what to say when you get a call?

If so, you likely are not alone. There happens to be a right and wrong way to talk to your prospect. Today's free network marketing information tip is from Tom Schreiter. He talks about exactly what to say and not!

The object of your ad is to generate a phone call.

Many ads sell, sell, and sell.

These ads sell the business opportunity, the compensation plan, the products, the founders, the upline support and the terrific training. However, most of these ads forget one thing:

The object of your ad is to generate a phone call.

Few prospects will read a five-line classified ad and decide to join your business. Few prospects will look at an impressive graphic in a full-page ad and decide to join your business.

When writing our ads, we must keep our objective in mind - to generate a phone call.

This will help us focus our ad copy and headlines.

Instead of getting carried away with our terrific compensation plan and printing out the entire payout plan, maybe we can use that same space to put in a testimonial that will motivate the prospect to call. See the difference?

When we know our objective, our ad design gets easier. And, our ad results get better.

Want an example?

Don't say:

"Our opportunity offers 2.2% more bonus on kryptonite products
through six levels of directors."

Instead say:

"Call now to find out how you can earn an extra $300 this week.
Remember to ask for your free bonus gift."

The first statement informs the prospect . . . sort of.

The second statement motivates the prospect to make a call.

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