Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information-How to Talk to Prospects

Have you ever thought how powerful words are? When talking to our mlm leads and prospects, using the right words as a rep can make a big difference.

Today's free network marketing information tip comes from Tom Schteirter once more. In this brief article, he encourages us an distributors how to "rethink what we say."

Tip #74: Rethink: "How you say it."

"Your business can give your prospects extra money."


Why not rephrase your "extra income" benefit by saying:

"Our part-time business can put Johnny through
the best college in the nation."

"You can earn enough money to take your family
on that dream vacation to Europe -- every

"You can earn enough part-time income to afford
that dependable, safe car that you've always
wanted for your wife."

"Your part-time earnings could put a new
swimming pool in your backyard -- perfect for
family time."

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