Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information-Find Local MLM Prospects

There are many people in your city or town who likely would like to hear about your mlm company's products or business opportunity.

There is a easy way to find local mlm prospects. Tom, Big Al, Schreiter, shares how this works. He always has good information to offer!

Tip #73 of the "77 More Hot Prospecting
Ideas" series.

Tip #73: High quality, local prospects -- no cost.

Try this Big Al sponsoring tip.

Go to a local merchant - but don't try to sell the
merchant anything. Just ask for a favor.

Ask the merchant:

"Who are the best salespeople or representatives
calling on you now?"

You may get names of terrific, motivated salesmen and
representatives who hate their jobs and would welcome
your opportunity. And because you are getting the names
of the very best, you'll have high-quality prospects.

Good marketing ideas make building your network
business easy.

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