Monday, March 16, 2009

Work from Home Based Business Opportunity Tip

As someone who has a work from home based business opportunity, it is highly likely you live a busy life just like everyone else. If your work from home based business opportunity is a mlm business, you probably would love to be able to save time and present your mlm information to your mlm network marketing leads a lot earlier in the relationship.

As you also know, many network marketers are using mlm prospecting scripts. Did you know there is a mlm prospecting script that is extremely easy to use when explaining your mlm opportunity? The great part is, you don't need to be nervous. You don't need to be an expert. Most important, you don't have to be a salesman. If you learn to use it, all of your questions about how to build mlm successfully will be answered!

It gets even better. With this mlm script, when explaining your mlm work from home based business opportunity,you can do it in two minutes a day. Yes, that's right, two minutes a day! You can build a successful downline of distributors and customers in just two minutes a day.

How? By learning to give a 2 minute story about your work from home based business opportunity. And yes, it can be done in just two minutes. The best apart about it-it's rejection free!

Here's a generic example of a mlm script for the 2 minute you can use. In place of the company that is talked about in the script, just replace your mlm company's information:

2 Minute Story

I got a good story. Takes about two minutes. Might make you a lot of money, might not. Want to hear it?

If you never had to go to work again, would that be okay?

Well, I felt the same way. My job interferes with my life, I can't get the time off I need, and I spend hours commuting every day. My kids are in daycare all day long and I have limited hours to spend with them. Plus, my job will not ensure financial independence.
So I decided to start some sort of home-based business so I wouldn't have to spend all of my time at the job until age 65.

So I decided to start a home based business and get on the road to financial independence now instead of later.

I got to figuring ... I only need about $60,000 a year to replace my take-home pay, so I went looking for a business.

You know how a lot of people are always dieting, drinking energy drinks like Red Bull, and a lot of people take vitamins and are interested in natural health?

There is a company that has cool versions of these products that people really like. They have some cookies that dieters love to eat to manage their weight, an energy drink about 1/3 the price of Red Bull, but gives you a better buzz, and lots of vitamins and healthy things people buy from them all the time.

So let's go to page 15 of this brochure. It says that to earn $60,000 a year, I would need approximately 300 people using the company's products, and then I'd never have to go to work again.

Now, I don't know how to get 300 users of the products now, but I can learn. Hey, I learned to drive a car, learned to be a parent, learned how to do email, and I can certainly learn a SYSTEM to get 300 people using the company's products.

So I got thinking, what's going to be easier?

Going to work every weekday for the rest of my life, fighting traffic, warehousing the kids in day care, and begging for the time off for vacations or learning a system to get 300 users of the products.

And that's it. What do you think?

This is how your two minute story would end. As you can see, this little bit of mlm information will get many a mlm network marketing lead leaning forward and wanting to learn more about your work from home based business opportunity. Will everybody who hears this join you? Of course not. However, you probably will be able to retail your products more, have some those who want to be a mlm business builder join you, and will plant a seed for those where the timing is not right.

So take action. Create your own two minute story, present it to 1-2 people a day, and watch your mlm home based business grow!

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WOW!!! The post has got very good information on home based business. Thanks Monique...The post is going to help many people to get succeed in their home based businesses...

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Great post Monique... You can make money by starting your own home-based online Internet business. There are many website on the internet offering these kinds of useful tips for starting a home based business.