Sunday, March 01, 2009

Problems, Four Great Ideas, and Houston

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend so far! We have snow where I live in VA with more on the way! It's beautiful for sure!

I also happened to get a nice email from Tom Schrieter a day ago. Since it has so many great tips, and since Tom is my favorite mlm "guru" (I am sure he doesn't like that word!), I thought I'd share it with you.

Take action with what he says and your mlm business can't help but grow!

Hi, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

Great Idea #1: Problems with your downline?

Fix all of those problems now with Bob Newhart's five-minute YouTube video. You will love the ending:

Great Idea #2: People hate phoning for appointments, but this could be fun!

How about a texting party? Instead of inviting your downline over on Saturday night to make phone calls for appointments, do this.

Ask each distributor to bring 30 or 40 mobile numbers of people they haven't approached yet, numbers from the newspaper, etc.

Send out the text offering an opportunity and wait for the replies. Maybe you could have a prize for the first reply, the most replies, etc. And there is no rejection. They will just be visiting with the replies to make an appointment for next week.

Great Idea #3: People don't "get it" . . . and even I don't "get it" . . . but it works. If you haven't signed up for, do it now. It has the same momentum Facebook had in the beginning, and you'll want to have your presence there.

The learning curve is . . . nothing. But, hang around for a bit, get some great resources from the posts, and gradually learn some strategies to use for your business.

It grows on you, and you graduate to more sophisticated strategies and understanding, oh my.

But don't let me ruin the surprise for you. Just sign up and start.

Great Idea #4: Get no-cost consulting and help on your online projects - Houston "Get It Done" Weekend, March 13-15.

This is awesome.

Would you like to find out how Art Jonak got over one million views of his YouTube video? (Yes, over one million!)

Want to learn some great Facebook and Twitter prospecting strategies, using special social networking psychology that appeals to the herd?

Yes, have a "Weekend with the Stars" on Friday night, all-day Saturday, and Sunday until 1pm.

During this time we'll have experts help you with WordPress, design your blog, set up your autoresponder, copywriting etc. Hey, we'll even help you shoot videos and post them "live."

Plus, there will be some "hands-on" classes where you can see live results.

And that's just the beginning!

Discover hypnotic headline writing tips
(yes, you want to come, you can't wait to come), super marketing ideas, social networking and prospecting instruction and much, much more. So instead of reading manuals, why not spend a weekend and get your Internet and off-line sponsoring campaigns working for you now?

We'll eat together, work together, and see results together in an all-weekend bonding experience. We'll even stay in the same hotel together and use their conference room for our group "Get It Done" experience.

Don't put this off any longer. Get your online marketing rolling right now.

And, we are going to do this for zero tuition . . . only for annual members (hey, now you have a great reason to be an annual member.)

Requirements to attend:

1. Must read all the forum posts at
2. No tuition
- this is just for annual subscribers to
3. Very limited seating because of the nature of this intensive weekend.

Want to be one of the select participants? Send an email to and we'll send you the details and put you on the priority list.

Come on down to Houston for a great online marketing experience that will put prospects and money in your pocket.

Questions? Call Roxanne at 281-280-9800.

The fun of learning with a group. The exchange of ideas over Thai and Mexican food. And think about the relationships and possible joint venturing . . . wow!

Can't wait to see you here in Houston! (Plus, the hotel is right next to my favorite Mexican food restaurant.)

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. Think Houston, March 13-15. Hang around with some cool online networkers and get help with your stuff.

P.P.S. Also, I will be in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Las Vegas and all over California during the first 12 days of March with workshops open to the public. Get the locations and details at:

Until next time,

Monique Hawkins
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P.S. Ask me about my 2 minute story.

P.S.S. Everybody knows you have to use the secret language when talking to prospects. It's all explained beginning on page 46 of this free ebook, Success in 10 Steps:

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