Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Use Gift certificates to "lock-in" prospects

Tom Schreiter is just a brilliant marketer! He always comes up with all kinds of neat ideas to help our mlm businesses grow.

Today's post comes from an article I receved from his "77 More Hot ProspectingIdeas" series.

Enjoy the tip!

Tip #61 of the "77 More Hot ProspectingIdeas" series.
Tip #61: Gift certificates to "lock-in" prospects.

Two great reasons to use gift certificates in yourbusiness:

1.Not only will prospects and customers use them forpersonal use, they can also give the certificates toothers. This expands your market beyond your personalcontacts. It's like having other people do theprospecting for you.

2.If your prospect has a gift certificate or discountcoupon, he certainly won't want to pay full price to acompetitor. You can expect a call from a hot, motivatedspender.
Some examples of gift certificates or coupons that you could create?

* $10 off your first long distance telephone bill.
* Free bottle of minerals when you buy one bottle of vitamins.
* Free dinner for two includes miracle diet samples and video.
* Lipstick and full facial for only $1.
* Free car wash while attending our 30-minute business briefing.

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