Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information-Prospecting Tip

This is a great idea to spread the word about your home business and to get more prospects interested in what you do.

I have to admit I had not thought of this. You can begin to use this free network marketing tip today.

Once again, Tom Schreiter is sharing this information based on what a rep is doing successfully to build their home based business.

Neat prospecting idea.

At a recent workshop, one attendee passed on the
following tip:

"Go register at to drive traffic to your
website. Your classmates will click on your website
link to see what you're up to."

So, I went to and found out that you can
register for free, but the "gold membership" is $36 a

Still, that might be worth just one hot prospect who
joins, depending on the size of your class, right?

But even with the free membership, current gold members
can send you an e-mail -- and you can pick up with your
old friends for free.

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