Friday, March 27, 2009

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Today's free network marketing tip has to do with guarantees. We all know that our company and products have guarantees. However, sometimes, saying this to our prospects doesn't seem to help a lot.

If you are wondering why, after reading this tip from Tom Schreiter, you will find out why and learn exactly what to say!

Welcome to Tip #67 of the "77 More Hot Prospecting
Ideas" series.

Tip #67: Give your prospect the "truth" guarantee.

Prospects are afraid to take risks. That's natural.

We attempt to soothe their fears by saying things such

* "Try our business. We have a 30-day money-
back guarantee."
* "Try our product or service. We have a 30-day
money-back guarantee."

Did you ever notice that these guarantees seldom close
the prospect? The prospect feels embarrassed to take
advantage of a refund, so the prospect never makes the
initial commitment to try the product, service or
business opportunity.

You've noticed that, haven't you?

So why not try this? Give your prospect the "truth"
guarantee. It will shock your prospect and create a
"fear of loss" motivation.


"I have one guarantee about our business. If
you don't try anything, you are guaranteed that
nothing will change. The commute time to your
job won't change. The limited time you have
with your family won't change. Your current
paycheck won't change."

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