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Free Network Marketing Information-Blog Traffic Techniques

Today's free network marketing information post hails from a generous gentleman who has been helping me improve my article writing skills and has been critiquing my work. He knows his stuff and if you are someone who desires to get more blog traffic and traffic to your other websites, you'll want to pay attention to what he has to say!

I highly respect him, Mr. Richard Dennis. Here is a great article he wrote about how to get Google to drool over your articles!

Blog Traffic Techniques by Richard Dennis

If you’ve done an analysis of Google Drools, you know we have a content advertising system that can get #1 rankings on Google searches almost at will. Some search engine results really tickle me. Click on this writing niche article I submitted a couple days ago:

Plan for Writing Good Articles

It’s #1 on Google … against over 30 MILLION competing pages! But I digress.

A big part of my productivity optimization plan has been to post unique, targeted articles at a popular website with a proven strong connection to Google - like Ultimately, you want to build your blog into that type of high quality, interactive, authority website, with lots of inbound links.

As with any marketing promotion, this one needs to be tested and measured and proven. Recently, I’ve seen a not-very-well-known blogger get high Google rank on a moderately competitive keyword by publishing a simple post with (1) good latent semantic indexing and (2) a keyword-rich title.

That tactic is pretty exciting, because those 2 performance factors are certainly the easiest to achieve. Becoming a visible and recognized authority website with a ton of inbound links will definitely take longer. If you can skip that qualification, then you can have profitable results much sooner.

And that’s the focus of this post. My blog is certainly not a branded authority resource to Google. Net Traffic Machine is still only a couple months’ old. It only has a couple dozen posts.

And so THIS post is a mission to test whether NTM can achieve high Google rank for the keyword phrase blog traffic techniques. Can this signature blog content beat out 681,000 other references for top rank for this keyword phrase? If so, that is a strong indication that ranking success can come much quicker than anticipated.

Also … the importance of a high Google listing is that:

  1. You’re not paying for it, because you’re showing up in natural search, not Google Adwords.
  2. The prospects who find you are pretty much your perfect audience, because you have chosen a title that demonstrates exactly what you offer them, and they are searching for that exact product or service, or something very close to it. Sounds to me like a match made in heaven.

Why This Blog Title?
Look at this data for Google searches done today (3/23/09):

Keyword Phrase Raw Results Exact Match (”KP”)
blog traffic 45,500,000 1,090,000
blog traffic techniques 681,000 701
blog traffic strategy 5,530,000 2,360
blog traffic system 15,600,000 860
blog traffic tips 16,400,000 74,800
blog traffic guide 21,000,000 2,050
blog traffic ideas 6,920,000 123
blog traffic program 21,400,000 2,170
blog traffic tactics 334,000 539
blog traffic methods 1,040,000 1,960
blog traffic tutorial 306,000 143

Raw Results is a normal Google search for the phrase. These results contain the search words somewhere on the results page.
Exact Match means the keyword phrase was searched with quotation marks, pulling up only pages containing that exact phrase.

Consider the statistics difference between “blog traffic” and the others. Obviously, more pages will contain your 2-word phrase than your 3-word phrase. Plus … more searchers will enter a 2-word phrase than a 3-word phrase. The shorter your keyword phrase, the more searchers you’ll appeal to … but the more competition you’ll have, and the more difficult it will be to be ranked on the first page of Google results. There is no chance I’d get 1st page Google results for “blog traffic.” But choosing “blog traffic techniques” thins out the competition, but still gives me a short phrase that is likely to result in substantial popular searches.

And it’s not like the competitors are a bunch of rabid football fans or political strategists or underwater basket weavers. THESE people are webmasters and online marketers. These guys know the difference between Cpanel and HTML and RSS and SEO. They’ve studied and often gotten very good at optimizing their website traffic.

But my thinking is that there is less competition for this keyword phrase than several others on the list. So I’ll test this one first … then, if successful, go after the others one-by-one.

Optimizing the Article
I feel like I’ve talked Latent Semantic Indexing to death. If you haven’t heard the audio Google Drools, then opt-in to the right of this post, get a copy of the audio, and listen to it.

There’s just no debate that Google really values proper LSI in your articles. You can’t do keyword stuffing (many repetitions of the same keyword) - you’ll get penalized for that. But using a number of closely related words in your articles is an effective way of demonstrating to Google that this is an authority article.

Creating The Buzz
The Net Traffic Machine website was inspired by Charles Heflin’s work at Social Media Science. Charles has developed software to make it easy to promote your blog posts through social networks, getting more attention. If you haven’t read Charles’ Syndication Revelation, I highly recommend it.

So … I’m targeting this blog post for a high Google rank for the phrase blog traffic techniques. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to see how this all works.

Richard Dennis

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