Friday, February 20, 2009

What is Big Al's Most Promising Presentation Sentence?

Tom, Big Al, Schreiter, always has something good up his sleeve. He is an ever ending supply of great marketing and prospecting skills!

Wanna know what his most power presentation sentence is? If so, here it is in his own words:

My most powerful presentation sentence.

Lots of comments from last issue on this low-key approach to presenting your business. Many readers were excited about using:

"So what would you like to know next?

Would you like a great closing sentence that goes along with the above sentence? Try:

"So what would you like to do next?

Your prospect feels in control, not pressured, and will normally tell you one of three things:

1. I want to think it over for 11 weeks.
2. I would like to use the products first.
3. How do I get started?

Remember, every prospect is different. You can't just take a flip chart and read it to a prospect. That would set off every "salesman alarm" in the prospect's head. (If you don't know about the "salesman alarm" - check out "How to Manipulate and Control the Minds of Others for Fun and Profit" to learn why this is important.
The link is

Very cool isn't it?!

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