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How to Use Squidoo to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Do you Squidoo? Have you even heard of it? What is the significance of Squidoo in the world of Internet Marketing and even mlm? How do you use it to drive traffic?

Squidoo is a popular website for social networking. It's gaining popularity due to its wonderful features that enables a user to make his own lens or as commonly called pages in a simpler and more convenient approach. It's similiar to a blog, but you can do much more!

A lot of people from all over the world are going gaga with creating lenses of various topics using Squidoo. They even said it's addictive. I must say I have made 4 Squidoo lenses already and they are indeed right, it's enjoyable! I had fun making my lens and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

There are modules that you can use in making your lens. Just add, delete, or edit them without computer programming or HTML knowledge, you can produce your own page no matter what topic they are and how many lenses you want to create. You also have a chance to meet individuals or groups of lens masters if you create a Squidoo account.

Squidoo lenses are a great way to build relationships with people and provide them with content that is beneficial.

Some of the modules featured in Squidoo that will add more color and content to your lens are:

* Text Blocks - A space for your text/blog entries.
* Polls - Use them to have a close interaction with your viewers or if you have an interesting question or issue you want to raise use the polls for voting purposes.
* Youtube Vides - Yup! This is a module where you can insert/upload video powered by Youtube that is related to your topic. The video will be easily uploaded to your lens and you have the option to let Youtube pick the video or just select a video by yourself.
* New Links - This is where you put other related links.
* Amazon - a module where you can present products from Amazon which are also related to your page.

Driving Traffic

Creating a lens in Squidoo is just the first step in promoting yourself or your business online. Remember to write content that will benefit the lives of your audience and update it regularly so that they still have reasons to come back for more. Write content that is highly keyword optimized.

Once you have everything set up right, it's now time to introduce your lens to the world where your goal is to drive more traffic to your site.

* Visit the Squidoo page where they display the top lenses to gain ideas from these lensmasters. Examine the features and the content of the pages and see if you can incorporate some ideas to your future lenses.

* Brag about your lens. E-mail the link of your page or tell it to all your friends, classmates, co-workers, and even to your family members.

* Go to the groups page of Squidoo where you will find several groups under many different topics/areas. If you spot a group of likeminded people, introduce yourself immediately, make friends and promote!

* Include some tips or advice in your articles/posts to attract more visitors and make sure they are clearly presented (with the use of bullets/numberings) for a more digestible reading.

* Log on to related blogs or forums, post a comment, introduce yourself, participate in the discussion, and don't forget to leave a link to your site. Ask for a link exchange also to build your social network.

* Install a Squidoo toolbar to your mozilla firefox as a free add-on to your browser where you can bookmark your lenses or other user's lenses that you like.

Have fun creating your first Squidoo lens!

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