Friday, February 13, 2009

Discover Big Al's Most Powerful Sentence

As a master marketer and networker, I always like to keep an ear up to what Big Al Schreiter is up to.

So, in his recent "Big Al" report when he talked about his most powerful presentation sentence, I was intrigued.

Are you? If so, read on!

In Big Al's words:

My most powerful presentation sentence.

Every presentation is different. You can't just take a flip chart and read it to a prospect. That would set off every "salesman alarm" in the prospect's head. (If you don't know about the "salesman alarm" - check out
"How To Manipulate and Control the Minds of Others for Fun and Profit." to learn why this is important.)

You will be surprised how little your prospects want to know about your business. Some prospects only want to know about the compensation plan, some want to know about the product ingredients, some want to only know if the founders are honest.

And any time you spend explaining stuff the prospect doesn't want to know, you are boring your prospect and turning your prospect off.

So my most powerful presentation sentence?

Before I start explaining anything, I love to ask the prospect:

"So what would you like to know next?"

When I say this sentence, the prospect relaxes. He is now in control of the flow of information. No more pressure, and he feels respected. And I don't have to talk about all the things I think the prospect should know.

The presentation is always short and only explains to the prospect what the prospect wants to know.

Try this sentence and watch the difference in the tension level and the interest level of your prospect:

"So what would you like to know next?"

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That's an easy sentence to remember isn't it?!

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