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Free Network Marketing Information-You Gotta Be Negative

Today's post has a unique twist. Many times as networkers we hear about the importance of being positive in our business and not negative.

MLM expert Richard Dennis says that at times, negativity is important.

If this sounds intriguing, you will get a great eye opener to this free networking marketing information tip today!

For Network Marketing Success - You Gotta Be Negative
By Richard Dennis

You absolutely do have to be negative. If you're not, it'll be tough for you to be successful in network marketing.

Yeah, I realize that's the exact opposite of what you've always been told. So let me explain.

Think of a time someone very enthusiastically tried to hardsell you. And the harder the sell, the more you wanted to be as far from that person as possible.

They wanted you think they had the most perfect product or MLM opportunity ever. Flawless. Only a total idiot wouldn't buy it. You asked questions, they had perfect answers.

So why were you SO uncomfortable?

Easy. Because somewhere inside, you KNOW nothing is perfect. You KNOW every product has flaws. So the harder they sold, the more you believed you were being suckered. So you came up with some excuse - ANY excuse - to say "No."

Now THERE is pressure sales. And that's the last thing you and I'd ever want to do.

So what DO you do?

Simple. Make the negative a standard part of your network marketing presentation. Make the person qualify to buy your product. And it's easy. Just tell them the WHOLE truth. Four examples:

Example #1: "A lot of people get great results with these MLM products. I started taking it on Tuesday, and by Saturday night, blah blah blah.

"But some people don't get results that fast. If you've been getting lousy nutrition for 20 years, it may take more than 3 days to see a big difference. You need to have some patience, or this just isn't for you.

"And some people don't take it right. They skip a day here & there. If you aren't serious enough to work at this, it's a waste of my time. You just won't get the results. So don't buy these products if you're not going to follow directions."

Example #2: "I've found that the only people who are serious about network marketing are the ones who write up their 'WHY' and send it to me. If you don't have some humongous driving force demanding that you be successful in this business, you'll never make it. You'll quit as soon as it gets tough. Are you going to write up your 'WHY' for me or not?"

Example #3: "When you join me in this business, we have a step-by-step Action Plan that successful people follow. Before I agree to work with you, I want you to read our Action Plan and agree to follow it on a set schedule. Otherwise, it's not worth my time to work with you."

Example #4: "From head to toe, your body is an intricate system. If you continue to load it with toxins from other products, you probably won't get the results you want. So you need to stop any other supplements you're taking in order to give our products a fair chance. If you can't do that, you probably better not order.

Think of your own examples. Just tell them the facts, negative as they may be. Your MLM prospects will appreciate it. It'll build your business.

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