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Free Network Marketing Information Tip: Why Postcards Are Cheaper Than Email!

Today's free network marketing information tip comes from Tom, Big Al, Schreiter. He is a marketing and networking genius! If he ever comes to your neck of the woods for a workshop, I suggest you go, go, go!

You can visit his website for workshop dates. Plus, grab a lot of free information to boot!

This tip is Tip is from his "77 More Hot Prospecting
Ideas" series.

Tip #47: Why postcards are cheaper than e-mail!

This may surprise you, but follow the math.

#1. You purchase 100 hot e-mail leads for $1 each.

Your total investment is $100. It doesn't cost
anything to send them an e-mail or two about
your business opportunity.

But how many of these leads will actually open and read
your e-mail? Most people are pretty quick with that delete key.

Let's say that five leads actually open and read your
email. If five leads read your email, and you spent
$100 for the leads, then it cost you $20 for each
reading of your message.

#2. You purchase 100 hot e-mail leads for $1 each.

Your investment is $100. Next, you send each
lead a postcard. Your cost for 100 postcards?
About $30 for the printing and postage. Now
your total investment is $130.

Most leads will read a short postcard before throwing
it away. Let's say that out of 100 leads, 65 of the
leads read the postcard. Since your total investment
was $130, then it cost you only $2 for each reading of
your message.

Amazing, isn't it?

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Pretty useful insight isn't it?

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