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Free Network Marketing Information-How marketing helps you find highly-qualified prospects.

Today's free network marketing information tip comes once again, from my favorite networker and marketer, Tom Schreiter.

You are going to discover how the right marketing can help you find highly qualified prospects.

Tip #49: How marketing helps you find highly-qualified

Some time ago, Pepsi sent a case of Diet Pepsi to
hundreds of thousands of Diet Coke drinkers. And, their
promotion didn't stop there.

Pepsi sent magnets, coupons, and special pop-up mailers
to persuade these hundreds of thousands of Diet Coke

Their strategy? Target cola drinkers of a competing

Pepsi knew these customers were buyers of colas. All
Pepsi had to do was to convince these cola drinkers to
try their product. Hopefully, some of these cola
drinkers would convert into long-term Pepsi customers.

How can you use this strategy?

If you sell vitamins, target other vitamin

If you sell travel, target frequent travelers.

If you sell organic, biodegradable cleaning
products, target conscientious cleaning product

Like Pepsi, your initial marketing costs may be high if
you give away free products. However, look at the long-
term profit of a good repeat customer.

How much money would you earn if a customer bought
products from you every month for the next five years?

Impressive? Yes.

So think like the Pepsi marketers and round up some
long-term profits.
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